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Introducing Profitap vTAP – Scalable and easy to manage Virtual TAP

Packet-level visibility into your virtual traffic

Profitap vTAP provides complete visibility of VM traffic (including inter-VM) for security, availability, and performance monitoring.

Within the span of a decade, the use of server virtualization has become a standard industry practice. This shift has dramatically improved IT efficiency in companies around the world, benefiting from improved scalability, high availability and greater workload portability. Businesses can now do more with less.

This shift also means that you need a new, scalable and easy to manage approach to get complete visibility into (inter-) VM traffic, in order to monitor for performance, security and availability.

To gain visibility in virtual traffic and forward filtered network traffic to network security and network monitoring tools, you need a Virtual TAP (vTAP).

Virtual TAP

Complete visibility of VM traffic (including inter-VM east-west traffic flows) for security, availability, and performance monitoring. Profitap vTAP taps directly on the VMware infrastructure, which means no extra privileged access to the hypervisors is required.

The vTAP controller is able to manage visibility of thousands of VMs in a simple and comprehensive way. Based on your requirements, Profitap vTAP can scale at the click of a button and grow with your network.

Flexible filters with L3 and L4 criteria and exclude & include filters can be set up to make efficient use of available bandwidth, ultimately preventing network congestion. Filtered data can be forwarded to any available interface.

One single interface to manage visibility of all your virtual datacenters. This enables you to set up and manage your virtual monitoring system quickly and easily.

Filtered traffic flows of interest can be forwarded to any type of traffic collector, analyzer, located in the same virtual datacenter or remote, as well as Profitap physical Packet Brokers.


  • Enables security, availability, and performance through proactive monitoring of virtual data centers
  • Complete visibility of traffic in virtual environments, eliminating blind spots
  • Central management interface for a single overview of the entire virtual visibility system
  • Filtering helps bring down the virtual traffic to actionable data and prevent network congestion
  • Easily scalable
  • Forward virtual traffic back into physical network for analysis

Profitap – Verkon monitorointi ja vianhaku

Profitapin tavoitteena on aina ollut kehittää ja valmistaa laitteisto- ja ohjelmistoratkaisuja, jotka auttavat saamaan täydellisen pääsyn ja näkyvyyden 10Mbit – 100Mbit verkkoon ja kaikkiin OSI-tasoihin.

Kaikki nämä verkon näkyvyysratkaisut (huipputeknisistä verkon TAP-laitteista ja kannettavista liikenteen sieppauslaitteista verkkoliikenteen analysaattoreihin) on suunniteltu eliminoimaan verkon seisokkeja, helpottamaan vianhakua, lisäämään turvallisuutta olemassa oleviin ja uusiin verkkoihin, auttamaan laillisissa liikenteen sieppaussovelluksissa ja vähentämään verkon monimutkaisuutta.

Erittäin suorituskykyiset, turvalliset ja käyttäjäystävälliset Profitapin ratkaisut tarjoavat täydellisen näkyvyyden ja pääsyn verkkoon 24/7.

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