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Aranet Improving Quality of Life of Elderly Patients in Stella Residence, Italy

Stella Residence, a premium elderly care facility in Carpi, Emilia Romagna has just been equipped with a wireless IoT monitoring solution from Aranet. The president of the SCAI (social enterprise established as a social cooperative), Ilario De Nittis, signed a contract with SITIP (telecommunications company).

What is IoT (Internet of Things) and how can rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and other care facilities benefit from this technology?

Improving health, wellbeing and assistance for elderly residents

According to IoTAgenda, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines provided with unique identifiers and the ability to communicate with each other and transfer data over a network.

“It’s a buzzword we often hear thrown around” – says De Nittis – “When it comes to innovation, digital transformation and disruption. In short, any device or an item may become connected and start communicating with an outside receiver – by using technology like wireless telecommunication systems, or identification and analytics software.”

IoT is a term coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, but why do we call it the Internet of Things? Since any device is reachable through an IP address, exchanging data between it and a management system the device becomes interconnected to a wider ecosystem of devices.

A platform of innovative technology

The aim of the Stella Residence project, financed by SCAI, is to support families with seniors by developing a platform based on a preventative approach. By integrating Aranet IoT technology, a virtual assistant and a smart monitoring system, each patient at Stella Residence became a part of a bigger care program, receiving care and treatments based on his or her own personal parameters and preferences.

Aranet Medical Thermometers in Stella Residence

De Nittis comments: “The main goal of SCAI is to use up-to-date and patient-specific data to take care of each senior – whether they have a minor condition or a serious illness –inside the care facility, or directly in their home.”

Right initiative at the right moment

The initiative of Stella Residence comes at a challenging time of global health emergency forcing people to keep distance from one another. Isolation brings a dangerous collateral effect to many, especially elderly people who are at a higher risk of loneliness, being apart from their families, with limited mobility and subject to mental health issues and stress.

The sensors that save lives

The sustainability of welfare politics and the need to support the ageing population in the future is a particularly important issue for both the world economic and social responsibility in Western countries. According to the previsions of the European Commission, in 2060 the life expectancy in Europe is going to be 84 years for men (that’s 7,1 years higher than in 2013), while for women it is predicted to be 89,1 years (6 years higher than in 2013). The significant increase of the population that’s over-70 years old underlines the urgent need for solutions aimed at reducing and optimizing the costs of living and health care.

Within this context, IoT technologies appear to be a solution coming at the right time, showing a promising result in improving elder patient monitoring both in their homes or at the care center, detecting anomalies and even preventing life-threatening illnesses. These systems help the recovering of people in hospitals, thus reducing the cost for the National Health Care System: in fact, the cost of remote assistance is lower than hospital recovering.

Therefore SITIP offered the Aranet solution that is capable to record human temperature and information about the microclimate environment – temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2). It comes together with an easy to use software which sends alerts in case of abnormal situations (e.g. a person having a fever, or not enough ventilation inside a room) Aranet wireless monitoring system is a great solution for remote assistance for elderly people where they live – private house or room in elderly house or the whole elderly house.

Aranet4 graphs of indoor air quality: temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) level

The benefits of the Aranet system at Stella Residence:

  • Aranet Medical Thermometer for continuous monitoring of body temperature for all patients on a 24h basis. Alarms in case of fever, even during the night while sleeping. Keeps historical tracking of the gathered data for each person.
  • Aranet4 – an innovative, stand-alone device for effortless monitoring of indoor air quality – carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure. Several studies have found that one of the main reasons for poor well-being is the high concentration of CO2 indoors. It makes people anxious, sleepy and unable to concentrate. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies indicate that indoor levels of pollutants may be even five times higher than outdoors. Another study from Harvard University demonstrated that a heightened CO2 concentration reduces the brain’s cognitive abilities by 50%. These are the core abilities your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. Therefore, it is very important to ensure sufficient air circulation in rooms where people stay for extended periods of time.

“Prevention is an investment” – says President De Nittis – “for the wellbeing of the community and future generations. We will keep working to reach our goal: Smile and Health and Wellbeing for each and every old person.”

Aranet – Langattomat IoT anturit

Aranet valmistaa IoT-pohjaisia ympäristöolosuhteiden valvontaratkaisuja yrityksille helpottamaan reaaliaikaisen mittaustiedon keräämistä ja analysointia.

Max. 100 langatonta IoT anturia voidaan kytkeä yhtä tukiasemaa kohden ja antureiden etäisyys tukiasemasta voi olla jopa 3 km (näköetäisyys). Aranet PRO -tukiaseman mukana tulee ilmainen SensorHUB-ohjelmisto mittaustietojen keräämistä ja analysointia varten sekä järjestelmän konfigurointiin. Helppokäyttöinen käyttöliittymä antaa mahdollisuuden tarkastella, analysoida ja vertailla tietoja reaaliajassa, asettaa kynnyksiä hälytyksille sekä tulostaa ja tallentaa raportteja. Ohjelmistoa voi käyttää älypuhelimella, tabletilla tai kannettavalla tietokoneella.

Aranet Cloud on teollisen tason ratkaisu Aranet IoT -ekosysteemin etähallintaan. Se helpottaa keskitettyä mittausta, valvontaa ja hallintaa laajamittaisessa Aranet-ympäristössä, joka ulottuu fyysisesti useisiin paikkoihin ja jossa on käytössä useita tukiasemia. Aranet Cloudin avulla voit muokata tietojasi mukautetuilla koontinäytöillä, kaavioilla ja käyttäjien hallinnalla.

Aranet tarjoaa myös API, MQTT ja SenML integrointityökalut olemassa oleviin asiakkaiden prosessin hallintajärjestelmiin.

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