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ProfiShark verkkoanalysaattori

Etusivu Tuotteet Profitap – Verkon monitorointi ProfiShark verkkoanalysaattori

ProfiShark for Ethernet Field Troubleshooting

Part of Profitap’s family of portable and compact troubleshooters, ProfiShark series are dedicated devices for network monitoring, traffic capture and analysis. Based on FPGA and USB 3.0, ProfiShark series is a perfect blend of performance and flexibility.

A ProfiShark is equivalent to an aggregator tap and two NICs, all-in-one in a pocket-sized box, the only additional hardware required being a laptop or desktop PC with a free USB 3.0 port.

ProfiShark toimintaperiaate | Timeless Technology

ProfiShark 100M

TAP Device & Troubleshooter for Your Industrial Network

ProfiShark 1G

All-In-One Advanced Gigabit Network TAP

ProfiShark 1G+

Gigabit Ethernet TAP with Enhanced Timestamp Precision

ProfiShark 10G

In-depth Solution for Fiber Network Troubleshooting

ProfiShark 10G+

Fiber TAP with Enhanced Timestamp Precision

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