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Perlen IOLAN konsolipalvelit (kutsutaan joskus myös päätepalvelimiksi) mahdollistavat tietoturvallisen etähallinnan Ciscon reitittimiin, kytkimiin ja palomuureihin sekä Solaris, Windows, Unix ja Linux palvelimiin.

Laaja valikoima pitää sisällään mm. 1 – 50 porttiset, vikasietoiset, 4G LTE, kuitu, PoE, laajennetun käyttölämpötilan ja 24/48VDC mallit.

Esimerkkinä IOLAN SCG W konsolipalvelimet:

  • 18, 34 or 50 Console Management Ports
  • Modular design supports RS232 RJ45 and USB 3.0 Interfaces
  • WLAN (Wi-Fi ®): Dual band radio supporting IEEE 802.11 @2.4Ghz/5Ghz
  • Dual Network Connection with 10/100/1000Base-T Copper and 100/1000Base-X Fiber SFP Ports
  • As a wireless client proxy, provides wireless connectivity to central access points for serial and ethernet devices.
  • Can provide a direct serial to serial peer connection over wireless
  • Software Access Point ( SoftAP ) for up to 6 wireless clients.
  • Fast Wireless Roaming capability is ideal for mobile applications where the IOLAN can transparently roam between APs ( Access Points ) that share the same ESS ( Extended Service Set ).
  • FIPS 140-2 – Cryptographic modules meet US Government NIST compliancy.
  • Clustering – Provides a single view of all out of band console ports. Ideal for large data centers.
  • Primary/Backup host functionality enables automatic connections to alternate hosts should the primary TCP connection go down.
  • EasyPort Web – Access equipment serial console ports by using your java-enabled Internet browser.
  • Java-free browser access to remote serial console ports via Telnet and SSH.
  • Dynamic DNS – Easy console management access from anywhere on the Internet.
  • Intelligent Power cycling of equipment with Perle Remote Power Switches.
  • Ping watchdog probes enable customers to power cycle equipment with attached Perle RPS power switches in the event of an unresponsive networking gear
Integroitu LTE / kuitu mallit

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