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Perlen Remote Power Switch (RPS) mahdollistavat datakeskusessa olevien laitteiden virransyötön etähallinnan (virta päälle/pois). RPS-laitteet toimivat integroituina IOLAN konsolipalvelinten kanssa tai erillisesti omina yksiköinä, joita ohjataan Ethernetin ylitse. 8 – 16 kpl IEC320-C13 pistotulppaa.

RPS etävirtakytkimet:

  • Independent Control of Power Ports
    Each AC power plug can be independently powered on, off or cycled giving complete control over when and in which sequence equipment is restored.
  • Dual AC Power Bus Architecture
    Perle RPS models are the only remote power switches with a dual AC Power bus architecture providing better equipment protection than single power bus systems.
    When used with redundant power systems such as the Dell Poweredge 6850, Perle’s Remote Power Switches are able to draw power from separate AC sources ensuring that at least one source of AC power is always up and running thereby maximizing equipment uptime.
    Both power buses are protected by separate breakers. If a breaker does trip, only the associated bus will be turned off, leaving the other bus operational. Single bus power switches that come with single or dual breaker systems will shut down the entire power switch when there is a breaker-tripping event.
  • Horizontal Form Factor Models with NEMA or IEC Plug standards
    Perle Remote Power Switches are available in a configuration to meet your data center power needs.Various models are available in horizontal (1U or 2U) form factors as well a choice of North American NEMA or international IEC power plug standards
  • Emergency Manual Power Switch
    This gives an IT administrator in the vicinity the ability to power on or off the switch in an emergency. Other vendors require the unplugging of power input cords which would cause potentially dangerous arcing or having run to the main power panel to trip a breaker.
IOLAN konsolipalvelimet

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