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Remote Site Out-of-Band

Remote Site Out-of-Band Management

Your network is operating at the edge. Critical and complex equipment is now placed in remote locations without local technical staff. You need to be able to manage and monitor any device on the network — anytime and from anywhere.

The network edge: From computers and networking equipment to security cameras, power supplies, smoke alarms and door sensors. A centralized management solution can be programmed to automatically alert and respond to events, ensuring uninterrupted availability for remote networks. And WAN connectivity of remote sites can be maximized with Failover to Cellular™ and embedded multi-carrier support. Deploy Smart OOBTM at retail stores, bank branches, regional offices or remote enterprise properties across the globe. Download PDF brochure: Smart Out-of-Band Management

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ACM7000-L Resilience Gateway

The ACM7000-L Resilience Gateway ensures uptime at branch offices, retail stores, kiosks and other remote sites. Cellular access provides an always-on gateway to your off-site network devices, even when the primary network is down.

Identify and remediate issues at the network edge before they become failures with Smart OOB™. Maximize WAN resilience with Failover to Cellular™ to 4G LTE networks and built-in multicarrier capabilities.

  • 4-8 serial ports, out-of-band management of network and server devices
  • 4 x USB 2.0 console ports, out-of-band management of network and server devices
  • Automatically detect and recover from outages and repair equipment faults
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) discover, identify and verify attached devices on your local network.

ACM7000 Remote Site Gateway

The ACM7000 Remote Site Gateway provides access to IT infrastructure at branch offices, stores and remote locations, to manage, monitor and remediate issues with network devices. The ACM7000 console server offers flexibility with 4 to 8 x RJ45 serial and 4 x USB console ports. Choose from a wide range of USB console support ranging from switches, server, PDUs and other devices. Available with a built-in 4 port Gigabit Ethernet switch which reduces the need for additional equipment and for applications with limited space. Failover connectivity includes ethernet, SFP fiber and via PSTN modem. Secure remote site monitoring with the latest versions of SSL, SSH, OpenVPN, and first to market PCI DSS 3.2 compliance.

  • 4 to 8 x serial RJ45 ports, out-of-band management of network and server devices
  • 4 x USB 2.0 console ports, out-of-band management of network and server devices
  • Out-of-band access utilizing existing networks or installations
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) discover, identify and verify attached devices on your local network.

EMD5000 Monitoring the Environment in Data Centers

Opengear environmental monitoring devices detect changes in temperature, humidity, smoke and motion or the presence of water in data centers and remote sites – keeping an eye on your IT infrastructure’s physical environment.

Set up automated response sequences through SMS, email or even Twitter through custom scripts. View the ambient temperature and humidity of a remote environment and set the device to automatically send progressive alarms if they rise – from warning levels to critical alerts.

The EMD5000 monitors the status of one or two external dry contacts, which can be connected to a smoke detector, water detector, vibration or open-door sensor giving enhanced visibility into your remote sites.

Opengear EMD5000 ympäristöolosuhteiden valvontaan | Timeless Technology
  • Monitors temperature, humidity, and status of one contact/sensor (supports two contacts/sensors when connected to console servers with Classic pinout)
  • Works with Opengear console server to provide secure authenticated access
  • Displays current status and history in console server web-based UI
  • Option to maintain local or remote audit logs of temperature, humidity and sensor status
  • Our environmental devices plug into the serial ports on Opengear console servers and enables remote monitoring using a standard web browser. Alerts are sent via email, SMS and SNMP traps. Automated response sequences can be initiated by environmental trigger events. Reports can be accessed remotely using standard web browsers and data logged with time stamps.


Opengear’s ACM7000-L Resilience Gateway with Smart Out-Of-Band Management ensures uptime at branches and remote sites with built-in cellular connectivity.

ACM7000-LMx tuote-esite


Remote site network monitoring is simple and effective with Opengear’s ACM7000 Remote Site Gateway console server with Smart Out-Of-Band Management

ACM7000 tuote-esite


Environmental Monitoring for automated response and alerts when the data room environment changes – smoke, water, temperature, vibration, door contacts.

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