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NetOps Automation Platform

NetOps Automation Platform

Low Touch. Vendor Neutral. Always Available.

The Opengear NetOps Automation™ platform provides the presence, proximity and orchestration capabilities to easily automate NetOps workflows. Manage networks, from data centers to the edge, all from a central location with minimal human intervention.

Built for enterprises with a focus on innovation, this vendor-neutral automation of workflows incorporates Opengear hardware at each location with an overarching software management platform. Modules can be activated to automate Secure Provisioning and Event Data Management (LogZilla) workflows. As new challenges arise, enterprises are able to use tools such as Ansible, Docker and Git, to rapidly develop new modules as needed – and activation can be completed without a system upgrade. An open architecture provides the ability to sequence and coordinate actions, ensure security, manage configuration files and run distributed container applications.

The NetOps Automation platform is built on a network of distributed Opengear devices. Lighthouse 5 is at the core of the solution, enabling organizations to manage the network through a single interface, and deploy NetOps modules to automate specific network tasks. Download PDF brochure: NetOps Automation Platform

  • Orchestration Capabilities
    Automate NetOps workflows with improved scalability, security and reliability.
  • Container Applications
    Centrally manage distributed applications running at the core or edge of the network without need for additional hardware. Docker containers are used for NetOps modules.
  • File Repository
    Distribute and centrally manage firmware, configuration and script files at remote locations.
  • Out-of-Band Cellular Connectivity
    Get uninterrupted automation of workflows before an IP production network is available, or during an outage.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
    Embedded physical security ensures firmware and configuration integrity, while securely storing VPN keys, even when deployed at untrusted locations.
  • Vendor-Neutral Architecture
    Consistent workflows provision and manage networking devices from Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Huawei, Aruba, Pica, Cumulus, white boxes, etc.

OM2200 Operations Manager

The Opengear OM2200 Operations Manager streamlines key actions within the NetOps workflow, as a core component of the NetOps Automation™ platform.

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Lighthouse 5 centralizes all your network and IT infrastructure into a single application and provides unparalleled level of resilient access and visibility even during critical failures.

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