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Lighthouse Centralized Management

Lighthouse Centralized Management

Lighthouse centralizes out-of-band management for IT infrastructure and provides an unparalleled level of resilient access and visibility even during critical failures.

  • Central network hub and management portal for Opengear Smart OOB™ devices for resilient management
  • Scalable administration and automation – from Day One provisioning to routine operations and disaster recovery
  • Seamless, always-available connectivity, regardless of remote WAN or LAN health or status
  • Centralized, secure, end-to-end out-of-band management
  • Access managed devices by name regardless how they are connected
  • Purpose-built to ”just give me a console” during 3 a.m. network meltdowns!
  • Tunnel through firewalls, carrier NAT and failover via Lighthouse VPN

For more details on Lighthouse Enterprise Features view here

Easy Setup

The easy-to-use interface that enables users to quickly enroll and segment the nodes on their network regardless of size. Simple role-based permissions and node association ensures the right access levels to all users.

Simplified Enrollment

In a few steps, you can quickly and securely enroll nodes (Opengear, Avocent, and Cisco) into Lighthouse. Node enrollment can be done via ZTP, USB file, File Server, CLI, node user interface or directly in the Lighthouse interface. Enrollment bundles enable administrators to quickly add devices into Lighthouse with the appropriate tags to segment your network.

The NetOps ​Automation Platform

The NetOps Automation™ platform is managed through Lighthouse, featuring NetOps Modules to manage advanced functions remotely, such as secure provisioning and event management. Download PDF brochure: NetOps Automation Platform

Integrated RESTful API

Lighthouse and all Opengear devices (firmware 4.1 or later) integrate a RESTful API engine. RESTful API enables network administrators to leverage Opengear’s unparalleled connectivity to program and automate their management network through a stable and efficient interface


Lighthouse centralizes all your network and IT infrastructure into a single application and provides unparalleled level of resilient access and visibility even during critical failures.

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