The Benefits of Using ProfiSight Network Traffic Analyzer

As networks get faster and more complex, new performance issues appear. Conventional network monitoring takes too much time, that’s why network analysts are looking for tools that not only help them get to the source of problems as fast as possible, but also optimize their workflow. So, how can we get from a broad view of the network to a pinpoint view […]

Capturing in Time-Sensitive Networking Environments with ProfiShark

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a set of standards defining mechanisms for the time-sensitive transmission of data over Ethernet networks. Deterministic communication is critical to multiple industries (Audio Video Bridging, Automotive, Industrial and Power automation, Mobile Fronthaul Networks). The purpose of the following article is to demonstrate the benefit of ProfiShark 1G in TSN environments and […]

ProfiSight yhdessä ProfiShark-verkkoanalysaattorin kanssa mahdollistaa verkon tehokkaan vianetsinnän ja suorituskyvyn analysoinnin

Verkon suorituskyky heikkenee vaikka kaistaa olisi saatavilla. Kaistan lisääminen on kaukana hyvästä ratkaisusta, koska se ei ratkaise perussyytä ongelmaan. Jokin kuluttaa kaistaa, eikä sinulla ole aavistusta, mikä se. Ja tarvitset tietää sen mahdollisimman nopeasti. Jotta löydät ongelman, pitää sinun tietää kuka kommunikoi kenenkin kanssa, millä verkkolaitteilla tai end-pointeilla ja millä protokollalla. Toisin sanoen tarvitset nopean […]

What Should a Portable Network Forensics Kit Look Like?

Whether you are a network forensics expert or part of a cybersecurity team, you need to have the ability to intercept network traffic, and capture data packets in real-time to prevent threats and live attacks. Corporate organizations should opt for network interception and traffic capture tools according to the size and architecture of their network. […]

Why Timestamping is Important for Packet Capture and Network Analysis?

Everything happening on the network is time sensitive, that’s why timestamps are extremely important when we’re talking about packet capture and analysis. This feature can not only prevent and analyze cyberattacks, but it can also allow you to examine trends and network latency.  Network packet timestamping can be used to investigate various events that, one […]

Why Is Packet Capture Extremely Important for Your Network Security?

Network problems and security issues can erupt at any time, especially when you least expect them. To solve these problems, you need access to the network for a good assessment of what’s going on. One thing you don’t want when making your problem assessment is to deal with additional complications or inaccuracies, such as packet-drops, […]

ProfiShark 1G – Ultimate All-in-One Portable Gigabit Ethernet TAP and Troubleshooter.

When you are in the middle of a network crisis you need something that is handy, quick to deploy, fast to resolve, and yet powerful enough to counter the crisis. Network problems and security issues can erupt at any time. Especially when you least expect it. You don’t want to deal with additional complexities or […]