Viisi kysymystä, jotka kannattaa esittää valittaessa teollisuus Ethernet-kytkin toimittajaa

Ethernetin käyttö laajenee jatkuvasti teollisuudessa, missä laitteiden täytyy toimia jopa -40°C … +75°C lämpötiloissa sekä kestää tärinää ja iskuja. Laitteiden pitää olla luotettavia, jotta voidaan lisätä tuottavuutta, parantaa laatua ja materiaalin hallintaa sekä vähentää käyttökustannuksia. Ethernet-kytkimet näyttelevät tärkeää osaa teollisuusverkoissa ja alla on viisi kysymystä, jotka kannattaa kysyä, kun valitsee teollisuus Ethernet-kytkinten toimittajaa. 1. Käyttääkö […]

Perle launches Industrial IEC 61850-3 and HazLoc Media Converters

Perle Systems, a global provider of advanced Device Networking Hardware, announced the release of Industrial DIN Rail Media Converters certified to IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 electric power substation environmental standards. The Electric Utility market is a tightly regulated space. Equipment must conform to the demanding environment conditions found in these locations such as electric […]

Perle releases New Industrial DIN Rail Media Converters including 113 different models

Data communication networks in industrial environments are subject to extreme temperatures, vibrations, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and other potentially disturbing noises. The Industrial Network Engineer has to layer that with the additional challenge of connecting distributed switches and equipment located throughout an industrial plant floor to ensure data does not to become corrupted during transmission. SR […]

Perle releases New Modular (USB/RS232) Console Servers for In-Band and Out-of-Band-Management

Support for up to 50 USB and RS232 Console Ports, redundant copper and fiber Ethernet network access, WiFi network access and a V.92 modem connection. The new modular IOLAN SCG Console Servers offer multiple secure remote access methods to the RS232 RJ45 or USB console management port of every device on the network. Most devices […]

Perle IOLAN STS8 DC Terminal Servers were installed in over 2400 BT Telco Exchanges throughout the UK

BT chooses Perle Terminal Servers for remote access and management of LDU’s BT is one of the leading communications companies in the UK, providing broadband, phone, TV and mobile services to its customers. They wanted to update their residential phone line operations to provide a more efficient service to their customers. The “residential phoneline” section […]

Do I need an Ethernet Extender or a Media Converter? What is the difference?

IT Administrators and Network Engineers are in a constant battle to transmit data at faster speeds, over longer distances. As they push to go beyond the Copper-based Ethernet data transmission limit of only 100 meters, they face the additional challenge of interconnecting different cable types (CAT5/6/7, coax, multimode fiber, single mode fiber, etc.). Both Media […]

Cisco recommended SmartSky Networks use Perle Console Servers to manage a 4G LTE In-Flight Broadband Network.

Driven by the need to stay in touch with family and friends, enjoy entertainment, and maintain critical business communications, todays travellers are accustomed to roaming broadband connections. On an airplane these expectations do not change. While in the air, passengers and crew still want full access to email, SMS, social media and online video streaming […]

Perle releases eR-S1110 Ethernet Repeater for extending network data transmission distances an additional 100m.

When you need to extend Ethernet services beyond the general IEEE 802.3 limits of 100m, and new fiber cabling is cost prohibitive, the eR-S1110 Ethernet Repeater is the perfect solution. Transparently extend 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections across twisted pair ( CAT5/6/7 ) to extend your network reach an additional 100m. This simple and effective point to […]

Navtech integrate Perle Industrial Ethernet Switches & Media Converters into military air-borne surveillance system

When we think of drones, Amazon deliveries and military air-strikes spring to mind. Other well established drone applications include security surveillance, visual and thermal examination of structures, railway, powerline and pipeline inspections, photography and atmospheric research. Goldman Sachs estimates the global drone market to be worth around $100 billion by 2020. $70 billion of this […]

Perle releases 10GR Media Converters capable of 10/100/1000/2500/10000 Rate Conversion

Perle Systems, a global manufacturer of advanced Ethernet over Fiber hardware today announced six new variants of 10 Gigabit Media Converters aimed at consumers who need flexibility in their network configurations. Perle 10G Media Converters transparently connects 10 Gigabit copper to multimode or single mode fiber. Each 10GbE Media Converter comes with pluggable transceiver ports […]

Perle Launches IOLAN SCS Serial Console Server with SFP and Fibre Network Support.

The pluggable fibre optics ports on the NEW Perle IOLAN SCS16C-DSFP Console Servers allow for flexible network configurations using SFP Optical Transceivers supplied by Perle, Cisco or other manufacturers of MSA compliant SFPs. John Feeney, COO at Perle Systems comments, “Serial Console Servers with SFP slots provide customers with a flexible, cost-effective solution to transmit […]