New products from Perle Systems – IRG5000 LTE Routers & Gateways

Perle Systems - Reliable Networking Hardware

New products from Perle Systems – IRG5000 LTE Routers & Gateways

Enterprise-Class Edge Cellular Routers & Gateways.

IRG5000 LTE Routers are the most advanced Enterprise-Class Edge routers in their class. Using the latest Dual Core Cortex-A53 64bit ARMv8 1.2GHz microprocessor, they have more processing power than any other product on the market. Certified for operation on 33 LTE bands internationally, and speeds up to 600Mbps downlink and 150Mbps uplink, Perle IRG5000 Routers solve connectivity challenges in a wide variety of applications.

All advanced features and functionality are included in the base price of the product, with no additional costs or fees. Whether a user needs primary or back-up LTE coverage for business critical equipment, LTE network access for IoT/M2M applications such as IP camera surveillance systems, digital signage, or smart lockers, or to process IoT data at the edge by connecting industrial equipment, remote data loggers, or sensing devices, there is an IRG5000 LTE Router to address their need.

Enterprise-Class Edge Cellular Routers & Gateways
  • 1-port, 2-port, or 4-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Network connectivity via LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB 3.2, and Serial
  • RS232, RS485, Alarm Relay, and multiple I/O to connect equipment
  • Integrated GPS and GNSS (Galileo, Glonass, and Beidou) for real-time location tracking of remote assets and real-time network clock updates.
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum IP54 enclosures for dust & water ingress or corrosion resistant IP20 aluminum cases.
  • -40°C to 70°C operating temperatures
  • Dual-SIM LTE Failover
  • Models with Dual-band Wi-Fi can act as an access point or client
  • Ultra-Low-Power consuming less than 1 Watt in idle mode and 53mW in standby mode
  • High MTBF rates, Class 1 Div 2, shock, and vibration resistant certification

With extensive protocol routing support (RIP, OSPF, BGP-4, IPv4, IPv6, OpenVPN, IPSec VPN, and DHCP), integrated zone-based policy firewall, 2 Factor Authentication, and remote authentication (RADIUS, TACACS+) management, IRG5000 Industrial LTE Routers will integrate seamlessly with enterprise-grade systems in hierarchical or large mesh network structures to control access to devices in the field and protect inside networks from unauthorized users.

IRG5000 LTE Routers for LTE failover and out-of-band management

Imagine a small office, restaurant, retail store, kiosk, construction site, or any temporary location, that has the typical 99.5% landline availability. The 0.5% annual downtime can cost them more than $1 million.

Perle IRG5000 LTE Routers, with Dual-SIM failover, can provide the primary or back-up LTE coverage for business-critical equipment to ensure customers continue to be served. When the wired link is down, network access can be maintained with automatic failover to LTE. There are several ways to determine when the Primary WAN is down. For example, the IRG5000 Health Monitoring function will ping a destination IP through the primary route. If there is no response, the IRG5000 router will initiate a direct connection using the back-up LTE route. With numerous conditions that can be configured to automatically trigger a failover, the IRG5000 LTE Router is an ideal backup solution.

IRG5500 LTE Routers as a primary router solution

For pop-up stores or branch locations, IRG5500 Routers with Dual-band Wi-Fi, are an easy to install “all-in-one” solution. This single box will function as an LTE Router, two-port or four-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch, and Wi-Fi Access Point that allows up to 128 clients to work simultaneously.

With 16 concurrent VPN sessions and 3DES encryption, Perle IRG5000 routers ensure data privacy and secure communications to multiple back-end systems. And, end-to-end protection of the software upgrade process protects devices against unwanted malware.
The relatively low cost of LTE for business continuity means a greater return on investment and scalability for multiple locations that have limited IT resources. By deploying Perle IRG5000 LTE Routers, businesses will have on-demand network connectivity that is quick to set-up, simple to manage and ensures maximum uptime.

Secure and Cisco Compatible Media Converters from Perle Systems

Perle Systems - Reliable Networking Hardware

Secure and Cisco Compatible Media Converters from Perle Systems

Link Fiber and Copper Networks

Media Converters are used to easily connect two different types of devices or networks together. While linking copper and fiber networks together is the common application, Fiber Media Converters also enable users to join together two multimode networks or link multimode to single mode for longer data transmission distances. Media Converters are also the perfect solution to convert and extend various types of data signals throughout your network.

Copper to Fiber, Fiber to Fiber and SFP-to-SFP media converters

The quality of Media Converter that you choose will affect the uptime of your network:

Robust Media Converter

Choose a Media Converter that is made from certified components that can withstand the harshest environments and operating temperature ranges of -40°F to 167°F ( -40°C to 75°C ).

Cisco Compatible Media Converter

Perle Media Converters are compatible with Cisco switches and routers. As a key component in the reliability and stability of your network, you need dependable Media Converters with seamless interoperability.

Reliable Media Converter

Most Media Converter manufacturers do not publish (or make very difficult to find) their MTBF’s. Perle is proud to publish the high MTBF rates on the Hardware Specs for each product. In addition, we provide the best-in-class Warranty.

Secure Media Converter

Perle Secure Media Converters support all AAA security services used in corporate networks, including TACACS+, RADIUS, LDAP, Kerberos, NIS and RSA. And, to further protect ID’s and passwords from someone ‘snooping’ on the network, SSH, SNMPv3, Telnet and HTTPS secure management sessions are supported.

Fiber to Ethernet Converters use a copper transceiver to transform the signal from a UTP / RJ45 Ethernet link to one that can be used by a fiber optic transceiver. These Media Converters are used to enable connections of UTP copper-based Ethernet equipment to various optical fiber cable such as multimode, single mode, or single strand fiber.

To convert Single Mode to Multimode, or extend a Multimode network, Fiber to Fiber Media Converters are the devices to use. They are the ideal solution to connect different fiber types, distances and wavelengths (WDM, CWDM & DWDM) across a variety of topologies and network architectures for longer data transmission distances.

Perle SFP to SFP protocol-independent media converters enable network administrators to incorporate multiple fiber types and wavelengths in, or between, networks. Numerous fiber to fiber mode conversion applications are possible and all result in significant cost saving when compared to replacing an optical blade on network equipment.

PoE Media Converters transparently connect copper to fiber while providing up to 100W Power over Ethernet (PoE) to devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones and wireless access points.

Secure Data Center & IT Infrastructure Manager from Perle Systems

Perle Systems - Reliable Networking Hardware

Secure Data Center & IT Infrastructure Manager from Perle Systems

A Console Server, provides secure remote console management of any device with a serial or USB console port, including Cisco routers, switches and firewalls, Servers, PBXs and more. It is a single hardware solution that provides a secure alternate route to monitor IT, networking, security and power devices from multiple vendors.

While software management tools can be used for performance monitoring, and some remote troubleshooting, they only work when the network is up. A Console Server, commonly used as an Out-of-Band Management Solution, ensures that on-site infrastructure is accessible, even during system or network outages. They can be used to reconfigure, reboot and reimage remotely across the internet or WANs. Disruption and downtime are minimized by providing better visibility of the physical environment and the physical status of equipment. This ensure business continuity through improved uptime and efficiencies.

Perle IOLAN SCG L secure console server

IOLAN SCG Secure Console Server

A Perle IOLAN Console Server gives your data center managers, IT professionals and network operations center (NOC) personnel the only serial console server on the market with all of the advanced security functionality needed to easily perform secure remote data center management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world. They are also the ideal solution for large distributed enterprises with multiple branches— such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, utilities, retail and school systems— that may not have IT staff on-site.

  • 18, 34 or 50 Console Management Ports
  • Modular design supports RS232 RJ45 and USB 3.0 Interfaces
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet connection for always-on redundant copper and SFP fiber network access with automatic failover when primary link goes down
  • Optionally integrated 4G LTE Cellular (with failback support), WiFi or V.92 modem for multiple alternate access methods when the network is down
  • Built-in Centralized Management Software consolidates network and IT infrastructure into a single application for access and visibility
  • Advanced AAA security and SSH/SSL encryption to meet all data center compliance policies and seamless integration with your existing IT & network management systems

What do users love about the IOLAN SCG Console Servers?

“It is so easy to mix and match the USB 3.0 and RS232 RJ45 interface modules to have the right ports I need to manage all of my equipment.”

“Finally, a Console Server that allows me to use straight-through patch cables to Cisco equipment! No more adapters, dongles or special cables cluttering up my racks.”

“Perle’s built-in Clustering Software gives me everything I need for centralized management with no annual licence fee and no additional hardware.”

“No matter where I install a Perle IOLAN, I know it will have the right AAA security and encryption protocols to meet the corporate compliance policies.”

“I love the Front-Panel Display and Keyboard. With a quick IP address set-up the unit is up and running. It is also a convenient way to monitor and trouble-shoot the RS232, USB, Ethernet and dual power supply activity.”

Link to product pages: Secure Console Servers