Ensure Full Network Visibility with Opengear Lighthouse Enterprise

Secure, Resilient Access and Automation to IT infrastructure

Ensure Full Network Visibility with Opengear Lighthouse Enterprise

Lighthouse Enterprise provides resilient access and visibility, especially during critical failures. The centralized management platform supports the Big 3 cloud providers, so users have flexibility to choose how they deploy Opengear’s Smart Out-of-Band solution.

Key Features

High Availability

Large enterprise users can maximize availability with redundant systems utilizing the Multi-Instance Operation. It provides the ability to access nodes through multiple Lighthouse instances, at the same time

Remote IP Access

Remote IP access allows for ease of access to all network connected nodes regardless of protocol. Gain access from anywhere over both In and Out-of-Band connections.

Zero Touch Deployment

Opengear’s Lighthouse Enrollment bundles and ZTP provides administrators the tools to automate the configuration and enrollment process.

Lighthouse Centralized Management

  • Central network hub and management portal for Opengear Smart OOB™ devices for resilient management
  • Scalable administration and automation – from Day One provisioning to routine operations and disaster recovery
  • Seamless, always-available connectivity, regardless of remote WAN or LAN health or status
  • Centralized, secure, end-to-end out-of-band management
  • Access managed devices by name regardless how they are connected
    Purpose-built to “just give me a console” during 3 a.m. network meltdowns!
  • Tunnel through firewalls, carrier NAT and failover via Lighthouse VPN
Centralized Management of Opengear Console Servers and Third-Party Devices
Web Standard access (No Java / other tools or software required)
NetOps Automation Engine and Orchestration
Administration and Automation for Day One Operations
Routine Maintenance and Disaster Recovery Access
Standardized RESTful API allowing access to aspects of the platform
Smart Tags and Grouping via meta tags directly in LH
User Access Grouping locally and via AAA Servers
Cloud Hosting – Amazon Web Services (AWS) ​
Cloud Hosting – Microsoft Azure
Cloud Hosting – Google Compute Engine (GCE)
Remote IP Access
High Availability