WebRelay™ and WebRelay Wireless™ for Reliable Remote Relay Controlling

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WebRelay™ and WebRelay Wireless™ for Reliable Remote Relay Controlling

ControlByWeb’s WebRelay provides reliable remote relay control and discrete signal monitoring over any IP network. And WebRelay Wireless has additionally “1-Wire” port for connecting up to four digital temperature or humidity sensors.

How to use WebRelay products?

ControlByWeb’s Ethernet I/O products can be used as a stand-alone device that can be integrated with an existing system.

They can also be used in peer-to-peer mode where multiple ControlByWeb products can communicate with each other, allowing you to control outputs based on another devices output or input status.

ControlByWeb’s stand-alone products can be used as slave modules to controllers such as the X-400™ / X-410™ / X-600™ Web-Enabled Programmable Logic Controller.

WebRelay™ | Single Relay and Input Module

ControlByWeb WebRelay Single Relay & Input Module

WebRelay™ provides reliable remote relay control and discrete signal monitoring over any IP network.

WebRelay can be used in countless applications, including pump and motor control, security lock systems, remote reboot, and lighting control. WebRelay’s powerful and flexible design make imagination its only limit. In addition to its built-in relay, WebRelay has an optically-isolated input that can be used to monitor the state of devices, control the relay, or control a remote relay somewhere else on the network. This feature is useful to extend the output of a PLC to another building, or to allow a switch or sensor to control a device at a distant location.

  • No programming required
  • Full control using a standard web browser or text-based XML messages
  • Can operate as a Modbus/TCP slave
  • Password protected
  • 12A relay contacts
  • ON/OFF or Pulsed relay modes
  • Optically-isolated input uses:
    • Monitoring
    • Relay control
    • Remote relay control (peer-to-peer)
  • Auto-Reboot controller mode for remote reboot of network devices
  • Selectable TCP ports
  • Removable terminal connectors included
  • DIN rail or wall-mount
  • Power supply options:
    • 9-28VDC
    • POE and/or 9-28VDC
  • Five-Year Warranty

WebRelay Wireless™ | Single Relay, Single Input, Up to 4 Sensors

The WebRelay Wireless™ is an easy to use Wi-Fi enabled relay, temperature monitor and status alerting device. The WebRelay Wireless has a built-in relay for controlling lights, motors and other relatively high current loads, a digital input which can be used to monitor and report the status of switch-closure sensors and a “1-Wire” port for connecting up to four digital temperature or other Xytronix 1-wire

The WebRelay Wireless works well as a standalone device that can be controlled using a web browser. It can be configured using simple menus and drop-down lists. It includes features such as logging, input state monitoring, and the ability to control other relays on other devices.

The WebRelay Wireless can be a selfcontained wireless access point that requires no additional servers or ControlByWeb devices. In this mode the WebRelay Wireless provides live, real-time temperatures or input status directly to a user through web browsers or the CBW Mobile app.

  • Built-in high current relay
  • Optically-isolated digital input
  • Up to 4 temperature sensors
  • Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Transmission range up to 250ft
  • Logging of the input, counter, temperature, humidity, relay state, and Vin
  • BASIC script support for advanced flexibility
  • Customizable web-based Control Page
  • Send email alerts (up to 8 email addresses) based on user-defined conditions
  • Supports encrypted email servers, such as Gmail
  • Static or DHCP IP address configuration
  • Real-Time clock with NTP server synchronization
  • Automatic daylight savings and leap year adjustment
  • No software required
  • XML, Modbus/TCP and Remote Services
  • Removable terminal connectors for easy installation
  • Rugged DIN-Rail/wall-mountable enclosure
  • Five-Year Warranty
ControlByWeb WebRealy Wireless Single Relay, Single Input, Up to 4 Temperature Sensors

If you need more relays (up to 16) in a single device and/or high-current (up to 30A) relays, please check product pages or give us a call:

ControlByWeb – Ethernet I/O Experts

SensDesk IoT Portal – A unified monitoring center for HW group devices and sensors

HW group - Monitor and Remote Control

SensDesk IoT Portal – A unified monitoring center for HW group devices and sensors

SensDesk portal as a unified monitoring center

Create custom views and graphs, arrange devices into groups and view your sensor data in custom graphs. These are the basic SensDesk features. The new portal adds many functions for the administration of large-scale monitoring applications and sensor networks. At the same time, it unifies the communication with and control of all HW group devices, including the communication among them. SensDesk can be also connected to monitoring applications.

SensDesk IoT Portal – A unified monitoring center

When speaking of a Portal or a Cloud, most people think of a website with graphs or a remote repository that costs money. And it is often the case. However, SensDesk by HW group is not just a portal or a cloud; it is primarily a unified measuring and control center for HW group products. SensDesk gives a quick overview of sensor states, displays a history of measured values, and allows creating simple conditions to trigger alarm actions such as sending an e-mail or a text message or activating a remote output. Its main advantage is the unified presentation of information from many different sensors and detectors in a human-readable and a machine-readable form.

The SensDesk portal offers features for home users, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), as well as large enterprises and corporations. For homes and small offices, it is often enough to monitor the current states of sensors and detectors, and to be able to download the past temperature or consumption values (or to receive an e-mail if a value is out of an allowed range). Larger clients put emphasis on the integration of independent monitoring with existing systems. This can be complex, and thus expensive, because different measuring devices provide data in different formats – either for legacy reasons, or due to the particularities of the measured quantities. In these cases, SensDesk provides the most value – it makes data from different sensors and devices available in a unified and serialized XML file format.

Basic SensDesk features

  • A simple and concise Dashboard provides an overview of only those sensors that are interesting for the user. Multiple custom Dashboards with different contents can be defined. For example, the IT department would only watch the data that is relevant for them, and so would the power engineers.
  • Independent Safe Ranges can be set for each sensor for the purposes of e-mail alerts. Support for HWg-SMS-GW3 in order to send alerts via text messages (SMS).
  • An overview of devices and sensors that can be sorted by the status (Normal, alarm, invalid) or by the unit of measurement.
  • Devices and sensors can be grouped according to their physical (Locations) or logical (Groups) place.
  • Graphs of measured values for individual values (sorted by the measured quantities) as well as for individual sensors; data can be exported to CSV, XML, PDF, SVG, PNG or JPG
  • Custom graphs combining different quantities can be created to watch for interdependencies.
  • Advanced user management with a simple administration can assign individual users only the permissions they need. Individual users are grouped under a Team.
  • Permission groups to assign users the rights to individual devices. While the User management restricts what the user can do, the Permission group restricts the resources that the user works with.
  • Export of current values to XML is available for all values belonging to a team as well as for individual dashboards and graphs, and provides for an easy integration with ERP systems.
  • SensDesk can be used either on the free platform operated by HW group, or on the customer’s premises using a virtual server.

There is no need to list the common features of all portals, such as the ability to display the readings from individual sensors and detectors and plot their history in a graph.

Supported HWg devices

User can connect following HWg monitoring and control devices into SensDesk IoT portal:

  • Poseidon2: Remote monitoring of sensors and detectors, and control of relay outputs over Ethernet.
  • Damocles2: Controlling digital inputs and outputs (relays) over Ethernet.
  • HWg-Ares: Remote monitoring of sensors and detectors, and control of relay outputs over GSM or LTE.
  • STE2: Remote monitoring of sensors and detectors over WLAN or LAN.
  • SD: Remote monitoring of sensors and detectors, and control of relay outputs over WLAN or LAN.
  • HWg-PWR: Remote monitoring a metering of water, electricity, gas or heat consumption.

What SensDesk versions are there?

  1. Free version: Devices max. 3 and number of sensors is unlimited
  2. SensDesk PRO: Portal will be installed on customer’s own server. Up to 100 devices and number of sensors is unlimited. Customer can raise the limit of devices by ordering SensDesk PRO Upgrade.
Try SensDesk with demo access: SensDesk IoT Portal
Getting started with SensDesk: SensDesk – All information in one place
Link to product pages: HW group Devices and Sensors