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Tempmate - Supply Chain Monitoring

Real-time temperature, humidity, location, light and shock GSM tracking for smart logistics worldwide. EN12830 & GDP compliant.
Economic single-use GDP compliant temperature logger with automated PDF & CSV reports for smart logistics. EN12830 & GDP compliant.
Economic multi-use GDP compliant temperature data logger with automated PDF analysis for smart logistics. EN12830 & GDP compliant.
The worldwide standard single-use GDP compliant temperature electronic indicator for smart logistics. EN12830 & GDP compliant.
Measuring devices and software for supply chains

In the early 80s, many companies were looking desperately for devices in order to measure or control their cold chain while shipping goods. The awareness rose steadily for possible incidents and worst case scenarios during transportation. That is why imec Messtechnik was founded in 1983 – to help solving the problem we saw at that time.

More than 30 years and many distributor and customer projects later we have transformed from a classic distribution company to a modern service provider for engineering, designing, manufacturing and distributing measuring devices and software for almost any supply chain. But we are just getting started. Imec Messtechnik has already grown far beyond the usual data logger.

Just over a year ago we released our first in-house cloud platform in order to empower our clients and their work even more. We are always focused to deliver the best products and services to our clients all around the world.

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