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Wi-Fi Test Solutions

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Testing you can trust, from a new Ally.

NetAlly family of network test solutions have been helping network engineers and technicians better deploy, manage, and maintain today’s complex wired and wireless networks for decades. We began in 1993 by creating the world’s first handheld network analyzer – the LANMeter® – and have continued as industry pacesetters ever since, first under Fluke Networks® then NETSCOUT®.

Our leading-edge tools work hard to get the job done fast by…

Simplifying the complexities of network testing

  • Eliminate wasted time with a simple, easy AutoTest, which makes novices more productive and experts more efficient
  • Installation validation report provides proof of performance
  • Standardized procedures ensure the job is done right, consistently

Providing instant visibility for efficient problem solving

  • See issues others cannot
  • More people can solve more problems on their own
  • Solve problems with fewer tools
  • Faster mean time to resolution

Enabling seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts

  • Facilitating collaboration speeds problem resolution and frees up team resources
  • Automated documentation speeds future projects and troubleshooting
  • Easy report generation and sharing stops finger-pointing

EtherScope™ nXG

Portable Network Expert

Multi-technology, all-in-one handheld network tester that enables engineers and technicians to get more done faster, from deployment to maintenance and documentation of their ever-changing Wi-Fi and Ethernet access networks.

  • Test, verify, and troubleshoot technology upgrades, NBASE-T, 10G, and Wi-Fi 5/6 networks with advanced Android-based troubleshooting apps and purpose-built test hardware
  • Verify up to 10G Ethernet link performance for critical servers, uplinks and key end devices, and validate Wi-Fi network performance
  • Empowers technicians who may not have access to network management systems or other engineer-level tools, to assess and document complex network deployments with multiple VLANs and Wi-Fi SSIDs
  • Seamlessly consolidate and manage field test data, and integrate with network management systems via complimentary Link-Live Cloud Service

AirCheck™ G2

Wireless Tester

One-button AutoTest quickly provides a pass/fail indication of the Wi-Fi environment and identifies common problems.

  • AirCheck G2 offers a one-button AutoTest function that quickly provides a pass/fail indication of Wi-Fi network quality and identifies common problems.
  • Test the latest Wi-Fi standards (including 802.11ax), with a rugged, handheld, purpose-built wireless tester.
  • See all networks and devices in your location immediately upon power-up.
  • View test results, including network availability, connectivity, utilization, throughput, security settings, possible rogues, and interferers.
  • Automate reporting and enable collaboration with upload and management test results via Link-Live Cloud Service.

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