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HW group - Monitor and Remote Control

Remote Monitoring and Process Control Solutions

HW group s. r. o. is a Czech dynamic technological company specialized in development, manufacturing and distribution of IoT, remote monitoring and control solutions for ICT, industrial, and security segments. All their units are manufactured in the European Union.

Typical applications are environmental monitoring, HVAC control & monitoring, water leaks monitoring, energy metering, building management, access control, and infrastructure monitoring.

Download product catalog (PDF): HW group Catalog

SensDesk: Monitoring and control portal for your IoT projects is a web-based service for online remote monitoring and control of HW group sensors and devices. You can monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, digital inputs, voltage, current, energy consumption and many more. You can also remotely control your technology using outputs.

SensDesk is Free users can monitor any number of sensors, connected to up to 3 HW group devices. If you need to connect more devices, paid accounts are available. You can also buy your own dedicated SensDesk and run it as a virtual image on your own server.

HW group SensDesk portal
Try SensDesk with demo access: SensDesk IoT Portal


Environmental, system and process monitoring devices. Technology for IP based serial interface system control and data logging. Access Systems.
Sensors and detectors used with HWg devices with interfaces like 1-Wire, 1-Wire UNI, RS-485, binary and PT100/1000. Water leak detection cables.
Applications for reporting, graphing, controlling, exporting and alarming. SensDesk Internet service with mobile apps: Monitoring and control portal for IoT projects.

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About HW group

Manufacturer of monitoring and remote control solutions

HW group s. r. o. is a Czech manufacturer of monitoring and remote control solutions. We deliver top quality products that are part of a robust ecosystem, from sensors to monitoring software. All our units are manufactured in the European Union and sold by over 40 distributors worldwide.

What do we make?

  • Remote monitoring and control solutions
  • IoT Devices and Sensors
  • Monitoring software and online portal
  • Access control systems
  • IP serial products

What makes us different?

  • Rich and modular product ecosystem
  • Compatible with many SW solutions and protocols
  • Free SDK and Push protocol for 3rd party integration
  • 16 years of experience with monitoring devices
  • Strict quality control and compliance
  • Made in the European Union

Typical applications

  • Environment monitoring
  • HVAC control & monitoring
  • Water Leaks monitoring
  • Energy metering
  • Security & I/O integration
  • Building Management
  • Access Control
  • Infrastructure monitoring

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