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Sigfox Network for IoT Sensors

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Sigfox Network

Sigfox network serves to transfer very short data messages from COMET device to COMET cloud. The sigfox network works in a free radio band where data can’t be sent faster than with a 10 min interval. The message is usually delivered within one second after the broadcast. Comet devices in the Sigfox transmission network can be used anywhere in the RCZ1 zone at no extra charge.

Please check the network coverage in your area by clicking following link: Sigfox Coverage

The Sigfox network works in a band that is difficult to penetrate underground. In the basement of the building, it is preferable to use a model with an external probe on the cable and place the instrument in ground floor above.

Devices operating in the Sigfox network are primarily designed for stationary applications. The signal from moving objects (e.g. cars) is difficult to capture.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the limitations of the technology of Sigfox?

Restrictions are threefold:

  • Frequency 868 MHz passes soil badly. Generally, coverage will be only in the basement. To cover the deeper underground floors a local cell towers are needed.
  • The size of outgoing message is max. 12 Byte and recieved message is 8 Byte.
  • Only 144 messages can be sent per day = the shortest interval is 10 minutes.

What is the time of message delivery?

The message is delivered after the broadcast (which takes less than 8 seconds), typically within one second. Total time depends on the size of user data.

How does the roaming work?

Users do not pay anything extra. Roaming is completely transparent in all covered territories.

Where can the Sigfox sensors be used?

Operation is possible in Europe, Iran, Oman and South Africa (radio configuration zone is RCZ1).

Can IoT sensor be adjusted remotely?

Adjusting of the sensors can be remote, but due to network restrictions it can be done once a day.

What kind of protection does the IoT sensor have?

COMET sensors will have enhanced protection against water and dust.

Who is behind the company Sigfox?

Among the Sigfox investors are Intel, Telefonica, Samsung, Engie, Eutelsat, NTT DoCoMo, SK Telecom.

Link to Sigfox:

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