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With rugged reliability and advanced performance, ATOP Industrial Ethernet solutions are ideal for today’s demanding applications. They’re fit to extreme temperatures, large power surges, and impacts.
Providing a seamless communication bridge between Serial devices and Ethernet traffic, ATOP Serial-to-Ethernet Gateways provide RS-232, RS-485, and RS-422 devices with instant access to TCP/IP and UDP connectivity.
Offering both Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity, ATOP Industrial Wireless technologies remove the need to run cable in hard-to-reach places, and they’re designed with high throughput, fast roaming, and MIMO.
ATOP SDK and Node-RED -ready Industrial Computers have extensive expansion capabilities to accommodate I/O and interface cards, graphics cards, additional memory and increased storage capacity.
ATOP line of protocol gateways offers the interoperability necessary between Industry protocols and equipment vendors to allow for automation and control of various devices and data types, including Profibus and Modbus.
ATOP media converters bridge connectivity between different types of media, connectors and speeds. Providing fast performance in even harsh environments, they include copper, fiber, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit options.
ATOP Technologies network and industrial computer solutions

Founded over 25 years ago in Taiwan, ATOP has grown to become a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial networking and pick-to-light systems. Experienced in both custom-made and off-the-shelf solutions, ATOP has developed a reputation as the go-to choice among many industries for its ability to innovate.

From the resources that power our industries to the transportation that moves our commodities, ATOP is experienced in dealing with numerous industry sectors, and at every level, to provide operations solutions for automation and processing.

At ATOP we take the time to discuss your needs. It helps us to understand your challenges and to anticipate your needs for the future as you grow. And with our engineers being skilled in hardware, firmware, and software design, we offer great customization capabilities and reliable implementations.

  • Quality: Experts in hardware and software integration, we produce robust, reliable devices.
  • History: With over 25 years experience, we a have a history of innovation and engineering solutions for the future.
  • Location: With locations across the world, you can be sure to receive world-class service.

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