Multimeter Analysis Modules

Rethinking Network Troubleshooting

Allegro provides you with a wide range of analysis on layers 2 to 7 which it can display both in real time as well as retroactively for a given time interval. In addition, it can be used to display a lot of information for each IP and MAC, such as the decoded DNS, DHCP or HTTP host name or the SSL Common Name. The tables can also be filtered for correlated information.

All statistics can be viewed with a freely configurable time interval.

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Analysis on different layers:

Layer 2

  • Analysis of all Ethernet types occurring on L2
  • MAC address analysis with L7 protocols, connection partners and IPs used per MAC
  • VLAN analysis: display of all VLANs per trunk, also for Q-in-Q, display of all MACs per VLAN
  • Utilization analysis: bandwidth measurement in the millisecond range with automatic alerting when threshold values are exceeded
  • QoS analysis

Layer 3

  • IP analysis: display of all IPv4/v6 addresses, each with L7 protocols, connection partners and used MAC addresses, TCP return transmissions , QoS classes, etc.

Layer 4

  • TCP retransmission: time-based analysis of retransmissions, both globally and per IP
  • TCP: handshake, response time, flags, zero window
  • Port analysis: used TCP and UDP ports

Layer 7

  • Protocol analysis: used protocols based on signatures, TOP-IPs per protocol
  • HTTP/SSL analysis: temporal analysis of an HTTP request or SSL handshake both globally and per IP
  • SIP analysis: analysis of a SIP telephone call incl. status code, RTP correlation, RTP jitter and packet loss
  • Generic response time analysis: measured using patterns in the request or response

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Rethinking Network Troubleshooting

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