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Multimeter Analysis Modules

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Rethinking Network Troubleshooting

Allegro Network Multimeters are powerful yet easy to use diagnostic appliances for network analysis. They are used by network administrators to monitor and acquire highly granular real-time and historical network traffic. A comprehensive network analysis can be quickly performed, network problems can be detected with just a few clicks, performance bottlenecks identified, and packet losses detected. The Network Multimeter is the market-leading device for analyzing faults and peak loads, and a highly efficient monitoring tool to ensure best network quality.

Allegro provides you with a wide range of analysis on layers 2 to 7 which it can display both in real time as well as retroactively for a given time interval. In addition, it can be used to display a lot of information for each IP and MAC, such as the decoded DNS, DHCP or HTTP host name or the SSL Common Name. The tables can also be filtered for correlated information.

All statistics can be viewed with a freely configurable time interval.

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Notification in Case of Network Errors: by Email on Request

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