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Allegro Packets - Network Analysis Tools

Allegro Network Multimeters are powerful yet easy to use diagnostic appliances for network analysis. They are used by network administrators to monitor and acquire highly granular real-time and historical network traffic.
Allegro Multimeter includes many different analysis modules from L2 to L7. Search and extract all the different Ethernet types such as LLDP on L2, for instance, or automatically search formicrobursts on the link.
Appliances available for network analysis in 1 G, 10 G, 40 G or 100 G networks. Allegro Multimeters can be integrated quickly and easily anywhere in your network. No need to install any extra software.
Allegro Packets - Network Multimeter Analysis Tools

Allegro Packets GmbH was founded in 2014 and is today one of the leading global providers of network analysis and monitoring solutions. Its customers include many organizations across a wide range of market sectors. The aim of the company is to deliver smart, affordable and high-performance appliances to help simplify and speed up network analysis and troubleshooting.

The well-established and highly regarded Allegro Network Multimeter family facilitate the analysis, troubleshooting and efficient operation of networks. The products are specifically designed to meet the needs of administrators and troubleshooters and are characterized by their user-friendly and informative operation.

Allegro Packets’ award-winning appliances are used worldwide by numerous telecommunications companies, system integrators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and blue-chip organizations in all market segments. In addition, the company has a highly qualified and comprehensive distribution and reseller network.

Our highly qualified team develop and manufacture practical, powerful and cost-efficient solutions. We continually engage with our customers and prospects to understand their challenges to provide the best solution to meet their current and future needs. System administrators and IT professionals benefit from the Network Multimeter network debugging tools, since they enable far-reaching and highly granular analysis across all network layers. Allegro Network Multimeters are more compact, faster and deliver more informative, detailed and extensive output than many other network analysis tools available on the market. Allegro Packets products are developed and manufactured entirely in Germany. This guarantees customers the finest quality for support for all our product family.

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