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Wireless Monitoring Sensors
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Wireless RF-ISM IoT sensors
  • Line of sight range up to 3km
  • Battery life up to 10 years
  • 12, 50 or 100 sensors per base station
Industrial Grade M2M Solutions
  • Billion M100 Industrial LTE Router
  • Billion M100-NB Industrial NB-IoT Router
  • Billion 120N Industrial/In-Vehicle LTE Router
  • Billion M500 Industrial/In-Vehicle LTE Router
  • Billion CMS Central Management System
Ethernet I/O Experts
  • Web relays from 1A to 20A
  • Web-enabled I/O controllers
  • Modbus controllers
  • Temperature and humidity modules
  • Data acquisition modules
Time Servers and M2M Devices
  • NTS-3000 GNSS Time Server
  • NTS-4000 GNSS + OCXO Time Server
  • NTS-5000 modular Time Server
  • NTS-pico3 ultra miniature Time Server
  • Advanced miniature industrial routers
GNSS Receivers for Any Device
  • BT GNSS Receivers for Android, iOS and Windows
  • Arrow 100 Submeter GNSS Receiver
  • Arrow 200 RTK GNSS Receiver
  • Arrow Gold SafeRTK GNSS Receiver
  • Eos Tools Pro and Eos GNSS Tools
Monitor and Remote Control
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Process control & monitoring
  • Water leaks monitoring
  • Energy metering
  • NB-IOT, WLAN and LAN
Keeping Networks Running
  • Smart Out-of-Band management solutions
  • Network resilience solutions
  • SD-WAN resilience solutions
  • NetOps automation solutions
  • Console servers and resilience gateways
Reliable Networking Hardware
  • LTE routers and gateways
  • Industrial Ethernet switches
  • Secure console servers
  • Terminal and Device servers
  • Ethernet extenders and media converters
Network Visibility Solutions
  • ProfiShark traffic capture and troubleshooter
  • IOTA All-in-One network analysis solution
  • ProfiSight network analytics
  • Network TAPs and Virtual TAPs
  • Network Packet Brokers (NPB)
Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Tempmate-GS multi sensory GSM data logger
  • Tempmate-S1 single-use temperature data logger
  • Tempmate-M1 multi-use temperature data logger
  • Tempmate-i1 single-use temperature indicator
  • Smart cargo monitoring
USB, Serial and CAN Connectivity
  • AnyplaceUSB – USB over Ethernet and Internet
  • USB to Serial adapters
  • Serial Device Servers
  • CAN Bus adapters
  • PCI Express serial cards