USB over IP Device Server allows Network Access to connected USB Devices from Everywhere

Share USB over Ethernet, WAN, VLAN, VPN and Internet.

Supports wide variety of USB devices, i.e. USB data loggers, printers, webcams, conference cams, cameras, fingerprint readers, scanners, barcode scanners, ID card scanners, USB dongles, hard drives and flash drives, USB to RS-232/422/485 adapters, and many more.

AnyplaceUSB-Sx device servers with two or four USB ports

AnyplaceUSB-S2 and -S4 is a network-enabled USB device server for connecting two or four USB devices over the 10/100 Mbps Ethernet network running TCP/IP. By adding this USB to Ethernet device server to LAN, you can network-enable USB devices. It breaks the traditional five-meter USB cabling distance limitation. With this implementation, USB devices connected to AnyplaceUSB-Sx USB device server can be made available to remote clients over LAN without a locally attached host PC.

Accessed and shared over Ethernet by multiple remote client computers

TITAN’s AnyplaceUSB-Sx provides the capability of USB devices network sharing across any network including Ethernet, WAN, VLAN, VPN and Internet. USB devices can be accessed and shared over Ethernet by multiple remote client computers. This USB device server makes it possible to share USB devices, and it makes them available to the remote computers connected from anywhere in the world.  The authorized users are allowed to remotely connect and use the shared USB devices from anywhere, regardless of their distances and locations. Unlike many other USB over IP Servers, with their limitation for usage only on the same network but not functioning over different networks, the AnyplaceUSB-Sx USB provides the flexibility and ease to allow USB ports sharing across different networks and over Internet easily. You and other users can connect, access and share USB devices conveniently, no matter if you are in an office next door, or in another cities, or even in different countries.

With simple and user-friendly interface, the AnyplaceUSB program is very easy to install and use. There are no complicated settings to be configured, and nor do you need to change any of your existing network configuration. Only few simple steps will take you instantly to make USB devices ready to share over any network. Likewise, it is very easy for the client computers to find and connect to all the available remote shared USB devices. To secure the connection between shared USB devices and remote client computers, password authorization is implemented for controlled access. Only authorized clients are permitted to access specified USB devices remotely. In addition, traffic encryption provides further protection on data security and keeps all the information safe to secure connection. Data compression feature is also available to accelerate data transfer speed.

AnyplaceUSB-Sx USB over IP device server is a professional solution to redirect USB devices to remote computers on the network. It provides a convenient and efficient way for USB devices remote connectivity. The AnyplaceUSB software provided works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, Windows Server 2016 and Linux.


  • Provides two or four networked USB 2.0 over Ethernet device port
  • Extends USB cabling distance beyond five meters
  • Supports wide variety of USB devices
  • Compatible with bulk, interrupt and isochronous type USB devices
  • Provide plug and play function akin to an on-board USB port
  • Empowers USB ports with USB device networking and sharing functionality
  • Allows USB devices to be accessed and shared by multiple client computers over network or across the internet
  • Network-enables remote USB peripherals and devices as if they were connected directly to the local PC
  • Supports wide variety of USB devices, i.e. USB data loggers, printers, fingerprint readers, scanners, barcode scanners, ID card scanners,USB dongles, hard drives and flash drives, USB to RS-232/422/485 adapters, Android / iOS devices and many more
  • USB plug-and-play and hot-swap functions same as onboard USB ports
  • User-friendly and convenient AnyplaceUSB software program with client functionality
  • Shares your USB devices over a network automatically
  • Password authorization and traffic encryption for data security and safety
  • Any authorized users in an office next door or in another country may remotely access your USB devices through AnyplaceUSB app client
  • Able to share USB security software protection dongles conveniently using features of AnyplaceUSB software program
  • Multiple transaction translator (TT) architecture to each USB downstream (DS) port
  • LEDs for power, Ethernet and USB status indication
  • Includes a DC 12V 1A switching power adapter
  • Power supply with latch locking to the device preventing from accidental disconnection.