Profitap X2-6400G – Next-Generation Network Packet Broker with Extensive Set of Features

The new Profitap X2-6400G is a Next-Generation Network Packet Broker (NGNPB) with a total throughput of 6.4 Tbps. It offers an extensive set of features, such as packet slicing, GTP IP filtering, ERSPAN tunneling & de-tunneling, GTP Correlation, packet deduplication, and timestamping.

X2-6400G NGNPB provides aggregation, replication, powerful filtering and load balancing in very high bandwidth port monitoring and analysis scenarios.

Network Packet Brokers optimize the performance of network analysis and security tools by delivering filtered traffic of interest, helping you solve application performance bottlenecks and troubleshoot problems on the network.

Feature Highlights

  • Packet Slicing: Remove payload that is irrelevant to network monitoring and security analysis, conserving disk space and load on capture devices.
  • GTP IP Filtering: Filter by IP in GTP sessions based on information contained in the data stream, identifying source and destination.
  • Timestamping: Leverage accurate timing information for accurate forensic analysis, legal and criminal investigation.
  • ERSPAN Tunneling & De-Tunneling: Integrate the X2-6400G as a single, centralized point for ERSPAN stripping in a new or already existing monitoring system based on data ERSPAN encapsulation.
  • GTP Correlation: Stateful detection of mobile data sessions using subscriber ID (IMSI) to filter, replicate and forward to the appropriate monitoring tools.
  • Packet Deduplication: Optimize network efficiency and traffic storage eliminating redundant packet copies.