Eos Positioning Systems Bluetooth GNSS receivers for Android, iOS, and Windows devices

Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.® (Canada) is the pioneer of the leading high-accuracy GNSS receivers for the bring your own device (BYOD) market, the Arrow Series ™. The Arrow provides submeter to centimeter accuracy on any consumer smartphone or tablet (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows), via Bluetooth®. Thanks to advances in global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) technology and proprietary innovations, Eos is able to offer survey-grade location to the GIS and mapping communities, compatible with any hardware and software.

Submeter Accuracy

Free Real-Time Submeter Positioning with SBAS Alone

To ensure that advanced positioning needs are met, Arrow Series™ receivers boast 60 cm accuracy using free SBAS signals alone. With SBAS as the only necessary source of differential corrections, real-time submeter accuracy has never been more reliable and efficient.


Works with Any Field Data Collection Apps

The old days of proprietary field data collection software and post-processing are over. The Arrow works with your choice of any best-selling data-collection software (e.g., Esri, TerraGo Edge), your own internal app, or a third-party tool.

Device Agnostic

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows

Design a flexible, future-proof solution. In addition to compatibility across all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), the Arrow uses universal Bluetooth® connectivity for maximum flexibility, supporting your choice of any make of laptop, tablet, or smartphone..


Designed to Last in Tough Environments

Arrow Series™ receivers are rugged, dustproof, and waterproof, meeting IP-67 water immersion specifications. With nine to 16 hours of battery life per charge, and field-replaceable battery packs, the Arrow is designed to maximize field crew productivity.

Discover the Arrow Advantage

The Arrow Series™ offers professional GNSS accuracy that’s affordable and future-proof. Learn about the Arrow Advantage:

  • Low Cost to Own and Operate: Arrow receivers require no additional post-processing software or annual software maintenance.
  • Flexibility: The Arrow lets users choose their own hardware and software.
  • Field Ready: Field crews can work all day with nine to 16 hours of battery life and ruggedized GNSS gear.
  • Real-Time Corrections: Arrow receivers utilize SBAS, RTK, and Atlas™ for real-time field corrections, without time-consuming post-processing.
  • Integrated Workflow: Arrow works with existing GIS and CAD systems, so the job is completed in the field.
  • Expert Customer Care — Eos experts are available for fast, reliable technical support.