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ControlByWeb Ethernet I/O products are designed to be extremely reliable for web control and monitoring of electrical devices. They feature a variety of I/O products, such as the original WebRelay™ which is a web-controlled relay with a digital input that was developed back in 2005. Since then, ControlByWeb have been making top-of-the-line products for industrial automation, data collection, and monitoring.

Many of their products include various inputs and outputs such as relays, digital inputs, analog inputs, 1-Wire bus for monitoring temperature & humidity, etc. that can be used with their built-in software to remote control/monitor electrical devices. Most of their I/O products support email notifications, scheduling, logging, BASIC interpreter, communication with a variety of protocols (Modbus, SMNP, SMTP, etc.), and many more features.

All ControlByWeb products have built-in web servers and can be setup, monitored, and controlled using a web browser. In addition, their products can be monitored and controlled using custom computer applications as well as their CBW Mobile app for all smart phones and tablets. And there is no special software required, no drivers to install, and no monthly subscription.

X-400™ Web Enabled I/O Controller

How To Use ControlByWeb™ Products

Simple Stand-Alone Device

A single ControlByWeb device can operate on its own as long as it has an IP network for communication. Data can easily be accessed on a local network or via the Internet. Ideal for remotely monitoring a single site or multiple facilities.

Integrated in Control Systems

Integrate ControlByWeb devices throughout your advanced control system using Modbus TCP/IP, SMTP, SNMP V1/2C/V3, XML, JSON, HTTP, HTTPS, and SSL. ControlByWeb devices act as an RTU in industrial control systems.

Complete Control System

Create a fully functional control system using ControlByWeb I/O devices and sensors. X-400 and X-600M with expandable I/O and programmable logic are ideal for a control system you can monitor & control locally or remotely.

ControlByWeb controllers are expandable, either through the expansion bus on the X-400 and X-600M models, or via Peer-to-Peer communication. You can easily assign one device as a “master” controller and add to it the I/O from other ControlByWeb controllers.

Tip: You can assign relays to one of two groups to apply actions to an entire group.

400-Series I/O controllers feature intuitive Task Builder, a no-code way to create automated tasks. These tasks fall into three categories: scheduled, conditional, and automatic reboot. These allow you to start timers, send emails, turn on, off, or pulse relays, log data, change a Modbus register, send SNMP traps, and much more.

Tip: Add a timer to your alarms to prevent unnecessary notifications.

400-Series controllers feature a simple control page with customizable I/O status displays, while our X-600M has the option to create control dashboards complete with graphing. This gives you greater control over your monitoring and control operation.

Tip: Use colors and gaps to create groups of control buttons for optimal organization.

Most of CBW devices have data logging features. 400-Series and X-600M can also graph logged data in the device setup pages. The X-600M can also add graphs to a control dashboard for more flexible display options. Data log files can be sent as needed via email for long-term storage or sent via FTP to a server of your choice. Logging even works with conditional and scheduled tasks for maximum flexibility.

Tip: Daily data log emails are a quick and easy way to store files. For lots of data, use FTP.

400-Series devices allow user roles for administrators, managers, and basic users. X-600M offers more granular user access control for I/O points. User roles help keep your data in the right hands and prevent inadvertent editing that can adversely affect connectivity or logic.

Tip: Limit administrator permissions to one or two trusted and trained personnel.

The ability to backup and restore helps when updating firmware, doing factory resets, or replacing devices. The 400-Series and X-600M can export settings files to your local computer.

Tip: A backup file can also be used to clone settings onto another device for faster setup.

ControlByWeb® I/O devices and sensors are used in industries and applications of all shapes and sizes throughout the world. Here are some application examples

Modular I/O products

Modular, web-enabled, industrial I/O controllers that allows you to add various combinations of I/O to tailor it to your specific application. Expansion modules can either be directly connected to the X-400/X-600 through the expansion bus, or you can connect remote ControlByWeb devices through an Ethernet network, including the Internet.

Expansion modules are used with an X-400 or X-600 controller. One or more expansion modules can be connected to a control module with a ribbon cable. The ribbon cable provides both power and communications to this and other expansion modules.

The X-400 or X-600 with its expansion modules provides an easy, flexible, and reliable way to monitor and control systems and devices over a network.

Modular Ethernet I/O Products

Stand-Alone Ethernet I/O products

All Stand-Alone Ethernet I/O products products have built-in web servers and can be setup, monitored, and controlled using a web browser. In addition, these products can be monitored and controlled using custom computer applications as well as CBW Mobile app for all smart phones and tablets.

Many of Stand-Alone Series devices are also available with PoE support.

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