New! ControlByWeb Cloud Service for Easy Data Access & Device Management

Make your I/O access easier than ever before!

ControlByWeb new cloud service makes remote monitoring and multi-location management easier than ever. With ControlByWeb cloud-compatible devices, you can monitor and control nearly anything such as restaurant walk-in coolers, wastewater lift stations, or cell tower generator fuel tanks.

The ControlByWeb Cloud makes their inherently flexible I/O platform even easier to use and more useful than ever before.

Easy Data Access & Device Management

Easy Access

CBW cloud makes remote monitoring and control easier by eliminating the need for advanced networking. Set up a simple local network and the ControlByWeb Cloud takes care of the rest.

Data Logging

Logging data in the cloud makes access much easier and downloading is effortless. Export a .csv file with a single click. Store digital and analog sensor data and I/O states for your records.

Single Password Authentication

With all your devices on our cloud, you have one central login to view and control your remote I/O. This makes management faster and easier, saving you time and money.

Parent-Child Hierarchy

End-users can easily manage various locations. Systems integrators, OEMs, and distributors can manage customer devices. Built to manage large deployments of ControlByWeb devices.

Multi-Location Management

Managing a chain of convenient stores or monitoring multiple lift stations in a wastewater system? ControlByWeb made multi-location management much easier with parent-child accounts. Set up child accounts for your locations and keep your data organized and under control. Create up to 5 generations of child accounts to manage your business the way that makes the most sense to you.

Logic Stored on the Device, Not the Cloud

ControlByWeb have always designed their I/O devices to store all settings, programming, and logic on-device. This ensures that your I/O works independently of network connectivity or cloud uptime. The ControlByWeb Cloud enhances access to your devices without threatening reliability.

Save Big on Endpoints

Most cloud solutions get really expensive with many endpoints, meaning they charge a lot for each sensor and switch connected to your monitoring and control system. ControlByWeb don’t charge based on endpoints. Their flexible system allows you to connect many endpoints without breaking the bank.

Many Endpoints Connected to one X-400

Security Matters

ControlByWeb care deeply about security. They’ve created a cloud solution with multiple layers of security to ensure the safety of your data and your network. In fact, for many customers, the cloud is a more secure way to manage remote devices.

Security Layers

All cloud data is encrypted. Add another layer of security, if you choose, by using the cloud to access each device without transmitting data to the cloud.

User Roles

Give the right people access to the right information. Keep data secure and well managed with user roles. Choose from a variety of admin, manager, and operator roles to empower your team.

You Own Your Data

Our devices don’t automatically connect to the cloud, nor do they automatically push data to the cloud once connected. You control what gets to the cloud and you always own your data.

Cloud Compatible Products

The ControlByWeb Cloud is natively compatible with their WiFi products and 400 series (X-400, X-408, X-410, etc.) controllers. All other ControlByWeb devices are only compatible when sending their data to a 400 series controller, which acts as a cloud gateway. For non-compatible products to work with a gateway, both devices need to be installed on the same network or use port forwarding to connect across networks.

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