Complete monitoring and alarming system with Sigfox technology by COMET System

Temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and two-state signals sensors for the Sigfox network.

COMET Sigfox IoT  sensor performs a measurement every 1 minute. The measured values are displayed locally on the LCD and are sent over an adjustable time interval (10 min to 24 hour) via radio transmission in the Sigfox network to the COMET Cloud data store.

For each measured variable, it is possible to set two alarm limits. The alarm is signalled by the symbols on the LCD display and sending an extraordinary radio message to the Sigfox network, where it is forwarded to the end user by e-mail or SMS message.

The device is powered by an internal Li-on battery whose lifetime is dependent on the transmission range and operating temperature and ranges from 4 months to 7 years.

  • Accurate measurement of
    • temperature
    • humidity
    • barometric pressure
    • events
  • Inexpensive wireless communication for long distances
  • Indication of alarm via e-mail or SMS
  • Data storage in the COMET Cloud
  • Rugged design
  • Long battery life up to 7 years (with standard AA batteries and with C batteries up to 10 years)
Complete monitoring and alarming system with Sigfox technology

Advantages of COMET Cloud

  • centralized monitoring, documentation and management of all measured points
  • securing the measured data against unauthorized access from a third party
  • dashboard – comparing of values ​​from up to 4 sensors
  • data presentation in graph and table
  • remote adjustment of sensors
  • signal quality and sensor battery indication
  • well-arranged presentation of larger number of devices, the possibility of grouping into sub-organizations
  • administration of access rights of individual cloud users
  • warning e-mails:
    • when alarm limits are exceeded
    • when the battery power is low
    • when the radio connection is lost
    • in case of measurement failure
    • when the fault condition ends
  • possibility to define recipients of e-mails according to the type of fault (sensor service, service of technology)
  • possibility to define recipients of e-mails according to the level of exceeding the monitored limit
  • user-defined texts for individual warning emails