Aranet Large-Scale Wireless Body Temperature Monitoring Solution for Hospitals

With Covid-19 taking over the world on an exponential trajectory, it has become gravely obvious that the global health care system is not at all prepared for the pandemic. Hundreds of temporary hospitals are being constructed around the globe to manage the influx of the rising number of patients. Even if a hospital bed can be found for everyone in need, medical professionals are heavily understaffed and are struggling to devote each patient the amount of attention they need. Patients’ vital signs require to be monitored, and there are simply not enough eyes to do so. Because of the contagious nature of the disease, each contact that a medical professional makes to take the patient’s temperature increases the risk of him or her contracting Covid-19 and consequently further reduces the number of medics that are able to help.

This is where SAF Tehnika can help. In the current situation they are acting fast, expanding their Aranet wireless sensor ecosystem with a sensor for monitoring patients’ body temperature.

A single system set-up consists of an Aranet PRO100 base station and 100 wireless battery powered body temperature sensors. These sensors can send their measurements to the centralised monitoring point wirelessly once every minute. The historical data can be viewed for each individual patient, as well as alerts can be set up to inform the medical staff of the most acute cases that require immediate attention. All functionality is available through an easy-to-use phone app.

The new Aranet body temperature sensor is factory calibrated for lifespan. This means that the sensors do not need to be recalibrated in the field (regular medical sensor have to be calibrated once a year).

Main benefits of the Aranet system include:

  1. Simple and quick set-up – saving time when every moment counts
  2. Exceptionally long-range radio – allowing to cover large areas of the hospital up to several hundreds of meters
  3. 24/7 monitoring – providing detailed, easily-accessible history of each patient’s temperature
  4. Customizable alarms – allowing medical staff to prioritize patients who need immediate care
  5. Redundancy – built-in local memory within the PRO base station guarantees continuous data collection even if the internet connection goes down or is not available
  6. Data agglomeration – allowing centralised data collection through Aranet Cloud from all base stations in use for a complete overview of the situation within the hospital
  7. No field calibration necessary – sensors are factory calibrated for lifespan

Expanding the medical sensor portfolio is the next step on Aranet’s roadmap with a new SpO2 sensor in the making. This sensor measures peripheral capillary oxygen saturation – an estimate of the blood oxygen level.

We hope that the Aranet automated vital sign measurement system can provide some much needed support to health care professionals, reducing their risk of exposure to COVID-19.

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