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SensDesk IoT Monitoring Portal

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Remote monitoring done right is a web-based service for online remote monitoring and control of HW group sensors and devices.

You can monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, digital inputs, voltage, current, energy consumption and many more. You can also remotely control your technology using outputs.

SensDesk is easy to setup, just connect your HW group device to the network, create an account and start monitoring.

SensDesk is for end users as well as project installations with hundreds of devices. It can also be installed on your own server.

SensDesk IoT monitoring portal

What can I do with SensDesk?

You can monitor temperature, humidity, power consumption, battery voltage, intrusion, smoke, motion, water leaks and many more…

Create a safe range for your sensor and get alarmed over SMS or e-mail. All events are logged and reported. More safe ranges available.

Generate automatic reports and see all data in graphs with visible safe range limits. Recorded data can be as XLS, CSV, PDF, JPG, SVG and more.

Any device with output can automatically respond to alarms from any sensor. Automated conditions and manual output control are available.

Send your SensDesk data to other applications and third party systems using XML, MQTT, SNMP or ModBus TCP

If you can’t access the cloud, buy your own dedicated SensDesk IoT portal and run it as a virtual image on your server.

IoT portal features

Multiple Dashboards

SensDesk dashboard makes it easy to see everything at a glance – your alerts, devices, locations, groups and events.

No matter how many monitoring devices you have, your dashboard is always organized. Clicking any element will get you to the right place to manage what is happening.

When one dashboard is not enough you can have more.

Interactive graphs

Powerful graphing engine will let you see all your data from the selected time period. Zoom on your data when needed. You can directly export to XLS, PDF, JPG, SVG and other formats.

You can have multiple sensors and values in one graph. This makes it easy for you to see and analyze dependencies and find weak spots in the system. You can save graphs for important data views.

Device management

SensDesk let’s you manage all your devices remotely. You can change configuration, sort your devices into teams, groups and locations and also do a remote firmware upgrade.

Powerful sorting and filtering tools make it easy to manage large installations with multiple sites, device groups and user teams.

Sensor management

All your sensors in one place is a dream … or a nightmare. SensDesk provides sensor naming and sorting options to make it easy for you.

You can set safe values for each sensors and then create multiple alarms if your values are out of range. Advanced users can also setup hysteresis and calibration.


Locating the alarm cause is critical. With SensDesk you can assign everything with a correct location and even a sublocation.

Move devices between locations with just a click. Create location descriptions for other users to locate the problem easily.

Device groups

Arranging devices into groups makes it even easier for your to organize your monitoring system. Groups can go one step further where locations are not enough.

Adding devices to groups and removing them is done with a single click.

Safe ranges

Safe ranges are your key to alarming. For each sensor you can tell the system what is your safe value. Then you setup how you wish to be alarmed in case there is a problem.

We are working on adding multiple safe ranges to each sensor. This makes it easy for you to change from your “winter safe range” to your “summer safe range” for example.

Certified reports

Do you need a certificate for the authorities or do you just want to get a status report periodically? SensDesk can create and email automated PDF reports with just a few clicks.

All the reports are digitally signed and can be used to prove your system is in compliance with the required regulations. We also offer sensors with calibration certificates if required.

SensDesk schema

This is how the SensDesk IoT portal works with the HW group devices.

SensDesk talks to the IoT devices using the HWg-Push protocol, it gets the measured data and also controls remote outputs for a local alarm response. The devices can also be remotely configured and managed.

SensDesk let’s you visualize the data, process and export it. It will also send you email and SMS alarms.

SensDesk also provides the data for other systems as XML, MQTT, SNMP and Modbus TCP. This means you can use the SensDesk and also send the same data to another management system if needed.

You’ll find all the information ever produced concerning the use of SensDesk from here: Getting started with SensDesk

SensDesk is Free, users can monitor any number of sensors, connected to up to 3 HW group devices. If you need to connect more devices, paid accounts are available. You can also buy your own dedicated SensDesk and run it as a virtual image on your own server.

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