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GUDE - PDU and Monitoring Units

Power Distribution Units

A PDU (power distribution unit) is a power strip, which is installed most of all in 19-inch server cabinets, either horizontally or vertically. These cabinets are often server racks used in data centers and server rooms. A PDU distributes the power to different consumers, such as servers and switches. Different types of device connections are possible: The most common ones are IEC C13, IEC C19 and safety sockets.

21-fold switched AC/DC PDU to control and protect AV and IT equipment

There are basically two types of PDUs:

Passive PDU: It’s a simple power strip that just distributes power.

Active PDU: In addition to the power distribution, an active PDU disposes of additional functions. It can be monitored and controlled via a data interface. Thus, an active PDU communicates via its LAN interface for example by TCP/IP as well as protocols such as SNMP, Modbus and HTTP/HTTPS. In this way, the PDU allows for remote controlling and integration into monitoring software.

Furthermore, sensors can often be connected so that e.g. temperature and humidity of the environment can be measured. By configuring threshold values, the active PDU can be enhanced by alarm functionality: When one of the stored thresholds is exceeded, the PDU sends an e-mail immediately.

Within the active PDUs, a distinction can be made between switched and metered PDUs. These PDUs are also often referred to as smart power strips.

Monitoring Units

Within GUDE monitoring systems, a distinction can be made between Remote I/O Systems and LAN Sensors. With their diverse performance features, they offer the best prerequisites for professional monitoring and control of IT installations. The devices can be used to query sensors and switching contacts, read energy consumption meters and trigger switching processes via integrated potential-free relays. The compact devices are characterized by low self-consumption.

Remote Control System and Remote I/O

Remote monitoring and control of spatially distant objects from one or more locations using signal-converting methods. Data transmission paths such as Modbus, TCP / IP and GSM are used for this. Typically, a variety of monitoring scenarios can be implemented thanks to integrated switchable relay outputs, signal inputs and sensor ports.

LAN Sensors

These are web-based monitoring systems with integrated sensor functionality. It can be used to monitor parameters such as temperature, air humidity, air pressure or the detection of water leaks or smoke development. In the case of distant and unattended rooms or IT installations, critical conditions can be recognized at an early stage and avoided via alarm and notification mechanisms, e.g. by email, SNMP trap or SMS.


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Gude Systems GmbH is manufacturer of innovative ICT equipment for over 30 years. The company’s products aim at optimizing and enhancing ICT, AV and industrial infrastructure that is typically encountered in network, server or media racks. Application scenarios of their customers range from enterprise networks and media technologies to data centers and industrial environments. See it for yourself, which customers rely on GUDE products!

GUDE products distinguish themselves by their high level of quality and optimal value for money. All devices of the family-run company are developed and manufactured in Germany in order to meet the customers’ quality expectations towards reliable IT infrastructure. Flexible handling and economical operations complete the attractive product assets. Further product developments and customizations benefit from their continuously increasing expertise. GUDE free technical support and customer service are integral part of their business concept.

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