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Elproma - Time Servers and Industrial Routers

Elproma - Network Time Synchronization Solutions

Elproma creates visionary trends in synchronisation. The company helps guarantee long-term performance of Industry 4.0, Time Sensitive Networks TSN, CLOUD/EDGE/FOG technology, Telecom 5G, Smart-Grids, Smart-City and so forth, by providing simultaneously both the robust synchronisation and the cyber-security. They have participated in DEMETRA Horizon 2020 developing “trusted time distribution system with auditing and verification facilities”.  And in 2019, Elproma delivered over 350pcs of high-end rubidium time servers to world biggest smart-grid system in Asia.

Teleorigin - Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Teleorigin, brand of Elproma, conducts extensive research and development in branches of IT and new technologies. They have their own hardware solutions and system software operating on cloud-type platforms. They produce a whole range of devices dedicated to IoT: from simple terminals GSM / 3G / 4G, to advanced miniature routers equipped with 4G and WiFi connectivity; from temperature recorders protecting vaccines, to advanced VPN Cloud networks that connect thousands of devices into one remotely managed system.


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About Elproma

Elproma was founded in 1992 by C&K Europe BV (NL) gradually evolving in 1994 to own R&D facility specialized in Time & Frequency. In 1998 newly created Elproma B.V acquired Elproma creating European Holding at the same name. In 2004 a new brand Teleorigin were established and in 2012 Tomasz Widomski & Robert Bender successfully finished MBO acquisition of company.

The company is 100% polish capital owned by group of 7 private equity investors. Company employ 40 people including 10 high skilled engineers. Production is based on qualified subcontractor network. A company is ISO 9001/IQnet certified. All products are made in EU.

Elproma company has received several international awards in recognition for its achievements and pioneering spirit. Elproma has also participated in several EU projects including the world’s first ever deployment of legal trusted time network transfer (2015-2016 DEMETRA H2020 Project). Company was co-developer of CERN White Rabbit protocol (2009-2012), currently known as High Accuracy IEEE1588 protocol. Elproma servers are metrology calibrated at NMI to cesium clocks. Company supports NMI in UK, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, New Zealand.

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