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Profitap released a new product, IOTA – All-In-One Network Analysis Solution

Etusivu Uutiset Profitap released a new product, IOTA – All-In-One Network Analysis Solution

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Profitap, developer of network visibility solutions (from state-of-the-art network TAPs and portable capture devices to network traffic analyzers), is pleased to introduce their new IOTA series, a portable network analysis solution with integrated traffic capture and remote monitoring capabilities.

With the ability to capture the network traffic and enable real-time analysis remotely, IOTA provides fast and accurate overview of the network traffic, from anywhere you want.

All-In-One Network Analysis Solution

Designed to be easy to deploy, a secure and reliable tool, IOTA can perform smoothly on both 1G and 10G speeds. Along with the storage and analysis capabilities physically isolated from the network, IOTA will help you:

  • Get full visibility into your network in a secure way
  • Capture up to 1TB of raw packet data, regardless of packet rate and size
  • Quickly identify and solve network issues to ensure optimal productivity
  • Analyze networks remotely through web-interface
  • Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and keep IT performance up

IOTA’s network ports are isolated from the other interfaces, internal storage and analysis processing. This makes your network safe from outside attacks while still enabling full network visibility and analysis.

Download datasheets:

  • IOTA 1G (10/100/1G copper monitoring)
  • IOTA 10G (1G/10G fiber & copper monitoring)
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