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Opengear announces Lighthouse Enterprise to centralize out-of-band management for IT infrastructure

Etusivu Uutiset Opengear announces Lighthouse Enterprise to centralize out-of-band management for IT infrastructure

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Lighthouse software centralizes secure Smart Out-of-Band Management and NetOps automation through a single portal. It allows java-free remote access to Opengear console servers and third-party devices and is the engine that drives the NetOps Automation platform.

With SD-WAN and Edge Computing gaining adoption every day, we recognize the need for an out-of-band strategy that supports this. In fact, the importance of an out-of-band network and the alternative access pathway becomes even more critical. The increasing reliance on automation, rather than humans on site forces the approach of out-of-band networks to evolve to meet these new challenges.

We are taking this challenge head-on, and today with great pride, we are announcing the release of Lighthouse Enterprise.

The first two additional features in Lighthouse Enterprise highlight our commitment to providing solutions to solve that challenge.

1. Remote IP Access

Traditionally, out-of-band management has referred to the use of serial console ports on network devices to allow a human operator to access that device – often remotely – via CLI or a GUI, outside of the primary production network.

Increasingly, new network devices use alternative physical connections such as USB, ethernet, or fiber, which negates the use of traditional console servers. Additionally, with the adoption of NetOps workflows, there is no longer a human operator connecting to the device – in many cases it is an automated software system, which operates via IP protocols rather than through CLI or GUI.

The majority of Network Management Software is designed to use IP-based protocols (e.g. IPMI, SNMP, NETCONF, OpenConfig, Syslog, VPN) to reach network devices being managed over an always-on network infrastructure. If an edge location is offline, which is exactly when remediation action is needed, all network management tools are suddenly unable to access or to provide monitoring information. If you use a Log Management system for network health and security diagnostics, for example, it cannot continue to collect data if a remote site is disconnected.

To ensure a resilient network in these circumstances, the out-of-band network must now provide an alternate path with secure IP access to the remote site IP network, from a central location. LH Enterprise includes simple functionality to allow this remote IP access to occur through the platform.

2. High Availability

The new Multi-Instance Operation provides the ability to access nodes through multiple Lighthouse instances at the same time, allowing large enterprise users to maximize availability with redundant systems. It includes a rolling upgrade feature which ensures all instances are updated when the administrator upgrades the primary version; and allows up to 10 nodes to be configured.

Lighthouse by Opengear

Lighthouse centralizes out-of-band management for IT infrastructure and provides an unparalleled level of resilient access and visibility even during critical failures.

  • Central network hub and management portal for Opengear Smart OOB™ devices for resilient management
  • Scalable administration and automation – from Day One provisioning to routine operations and disaster recovery
  • Seamless, always-available connectivity, regardless of remote WAN or LAN health or status
  • Centralized, secure, end-to-end out-of-band management
  • Access managed devices by name regardless how they are connected
  • Purpose-built to ”just give me a console” during 3 a.m. network meltdowns!
  • Tunnel through firewalls, carrier NAT and failover via Lighthouse VPN

Feature Comparison

Easy Setup

The easy-to-use interface that enables users to quickly enroll and segment the nodes on their network regardless of size. Simple role-based permissions and node association ensures the right access levels to all users.

Lighthouse simplifies user management by enabling administrators to quickly add new users and correctly manage permissions.

  • Easy to maintain users and permissions
  • Manage users centrally via Lighthouse or your AAA server
  • Powerful Smart Groups automatically grant users access to matching nodes
  • Automatically and dynamically manage permissions

Simple and scalable node management without the complexity.

  • Simplify management with the ability to free text search
  • Filter group nodes by metadata tags, status and/or configuration
  • Matching nodes and associated permissions are automatically and dynamically updated
  • Automatically deploy new nodes into Smart Groups with enrollment bundles

Search, sort and segment nodes with user-defined tags.

  • Create custom hierarchies including geographical region or operational group
  • Quickly sort and search through hundreds of thousands of nodes in enterprise and cloud-scale deployments
  • Flexibility with customizable tags for each node
  • Easy to use GUI enables you to quickly create and automatically associated tags during node provisioning

Simplified Enrollment

In a few steps, you can quickly and securely enroll nodes (Opengear, Avocent, and Cisco) into Lighthouse. Node enrollment can be done via ZTP, USB file, File Server, CLI, node user interface or directly in the Lighthouse interface. Enrollment bundles enable administrators to quickly add devices into Lighthouse with the appropriate tags to segment your network.

Secure Access:

Simplify connectivity with all sessions automatically encrypted with strong OpenVPN based security. Nodes establish resilient Lighthouse VPN tunnels back to Lighthouse via your management network or out-of-band cellular, securing all communications.

Zero Touch Deployment:

Combining Opengear’s Lighthouse Enrollment bundles and Zero Touch Provisioning provides administrators the tools to automate the configuration and enrollment process. This process is scalable to suit you businesses node count no matter the size.

  • Eliminate hours of manual operations
  • Reduce deployment costs
  • Reduce human errors, guarantee repeatability
  • Equip your management network to scale

The NetOps ​Automation Platform

The NetOps Automation™ platform is managed through Lighthouse, featuring NetOps Modules to manage advanced functions remotely, such as secure provisioning and event management.

These containerized modules can be applied to various NetOps workflows, and the platform utilizes standard DevOps tools such as Ansible, Docker and Git to allow rapid development of modules as new challenges appear.

The open architecture allows enterprises to sequence actions, manage configuration files and run custom applications to solve specific network challenges. Third-party NetOps modules will also be available through the platform​.

  • Orchestration Capabilities – Automate NetOps workflows with improved scalability, security and reliability
  • Container Applications – Manage distributed applications running at the edge or core of the network without the need of additional hardware
  • File Repository – Distribute and centrally manage firmware, configuration and script files from remote locations

Integrated RESTful API

Lighthouse and all Opengear devices (firmware 4.1 or later) integrate a RESTful API engine. RESTful API enables network administrators to leverage Opengear’s unparalleled connectivity to program and automate their management network through a stable and efficient interface.

Easy to use:

  • Standardized protocol
  • Well documented and open RESTful API
  • Increased automation
  • Scalable extensibility – eliminate ad-hoc scripting

Reliable communication:

  • Efficient and fast bi-directional communication
  • Uniform interface
  • Query status in convenient JSON format
  • High performing with minimal bandwidth

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