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Atop 3G/4G LTE Cellular to Ethernet and Serial Secure Embedded Edge Computer; supports NodeRED and dashboard.

Etusivu Uutiset Atop 3G/4G LTE Cellular to Ethernet and Serial Secure Embedded Edge Computer; supports NodeRED and dashboard.

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Atop Technologies SE5901B (SDK), ATOP’s Industrial Embedded Computer is your ideal flexible Gateway to the Internet of Things. It provides 3G/4G LTE, Serial, Ethernet and Cellular connectivity and additional I/Os and interfaces that can unlock your potential. Based on your specific application, it allowing almost any serial device to be connected, providing and retrieving the data you need to and from the cloud, no matter what provider you’re using.
Timeless Technology | Atop 3G/4G LTE Cellular to Ethernet and Serial Secure Embedded Edge ComputerProgrammability
Write your customized application in C language and Run it on its powerful Industrial low-power 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 TI Sitara AM3354 CPU. Make flexible use of your peripherals, no matter storage, SMS, Serial, I/O and USB are needed. And if C Programming bothers you, just add the Atop-Customized NodeRED environment SD-Card to be ready to go. NodeRED is an open source Building-Block programming environment based on Node.js that will allow you to build your IoT application from an user-friendly, hardware-tailored application design environment.And if also need a user-friendly application dashboard, forget the burden of a HTML-based interface. NodeRED has already all you need.

Rugged and flexible for advanced developments
SE5901B embeds high EMC protection, wide temperature operation, programming and installation flexibility in one device. A dedicated I/O version provides 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs, GPS version provides Global positioning system geolocation and, specifically for the Internet of Things, a “B” version provides additional 15 seconds power during a power failure, allowing the device to relay back to the host the failure. This is Maintenance 4.0.

SE5901B (SDK) block diagram

Timeless Technology | Atop SE5901B SDK block diagram

The IoT (Internet of Things) or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is a trending topic these days. It’s all about bringing devices, sensors, actuators, data and commands to the cloud, with the ultimate goal to improve the quality of life, the services Smart Cities can offer, saving energy or saving money. This requires two things: to vehiculate the collected data to the cloud in a format that can be recognized and processed and to process, compute and analyze all this amount of data in real time.
It is not a concept far from reality. Imagine you’d like to bridge a Modbus Sensor to the cloud. And you’d like to have the application running on the cloud to be able to process multiple sensors’ data, and to trigger some event in some specific stations along the network. You may also have the need to override the cloud control and manage the application locally. Any application has its story.
Here at ATOP, we understand these different needs and we are providing you different working models, based on what your needs are.

Use the Pure-SDK, programmable embedded computer if:

  • You are familiar with Linux OS
  • You have ANSI C programming skills
  • Your application is strictly time/ performance sensitive
  • Your application has very critical exception handling requirements

Our SDK products provide:

  • Ported, proven and tested peripherals (such as I/Os, Ethernet, Serial, Wireless) and integrated drivers
  • ATOP customized Linux Kernel and network protocols
  • Ported, debugged and proven third party applications (such as Apache webserver)
  • Utilities and APIs to control the hardware in an easy and effective way
  • Example of source code

Timeless Technology | Atop SE59XX-SDK architecture scheme

Use ATOP’s Standard SDK programmable ARM computer with NodeRED Add-ON USB Stick if:

  • You’re hands-on, with a good understanding of protocols, data formats
  • You have some basic Javascript knowledge
  • You’re looking for a simple, user-friendly and effective way to deploy your applications to the cloud, with a user friendly monitoring dashboard
  • You don’t have strict performance requirements, and exception handling is not critical

Our NodeRED Micro SD Card provides:

  • NodeRED visual application development environment and dashboard, with automatic start on device boot-up, Node.JS based
  • Different level of security to allow developers to access development environment and users to access dashboard only
  • Customized NodeRED APIs (blocks) that will allow you to fully control
  • ATOP powerful hardware and control inputs, relays, SMS, COM ports, Buzzer, diagnostics and much more
  • Integrated Modbus and MQTT stacks, for seamless communication with field devices and cloud

Timeless Technology | Atop NodeRED

Taiwanilainen Atop Technologies on 25 vuotta sitten perustettu kansainvälinen yritys, joka on erikoistunut teollisen IoT ja tietoliikenteen tuotteiden suunnitteluun sekä valmistamiseen.

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