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Aranet - Wireless Monitoring Sensors

Industrial IoT Environment Monitoring Solutions

Aranet offers industrial IoT environment monitoring solutions for a variety of businesses, making it easy to collect and analyze real-time data.

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Discover all the ways Aranet can help your company take wireless monitoring to the next level:

Up to 100 wireless sensors can be added per single base station within the line of sight range of at least 3km. Aranet PRO base station comes with complimentary software SensorHUB for data analysis. Easy to use interface allows viewing, analysing and comparing data in real time, set thresholds for alarms as well as exporting reports. Responsive design of the software adapts to smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Aranet Cloud is an industrial grade solution for Aranet IoT ecosystem’s remote management. It facilitates large scale Aranet implementations that span across multiple locations and several base stations. The Aranet Cloud allows you to personalize your data with custom dashboards, graphs and user management. Aranet also provides the API, MQTT and SenML integrations’ tools with already existing systems.

Aranet is a brand of SAF Tehnika JSC, listed in NASDAQ Riga under the symbol SAF1R, a company with 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing modern wireless data transmission technologies.

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About Aranet

Aranet wireless environmental monitoring solutions

Customer-supportive business philosophy is the fundamental element driving SAF Tehnika`s research and business development. They’re constantly monitoring industry trends to meet the current demands, but to increase the satisfaction of customers requires foresight and the courage to act on it. SAF welcomes daring and visionary product development decisions, which has helped them thrive and successfully compete with the major players. In addition to an industry-standard portfolio containing a full range of modular split-mount and full outdoor Native Ethernet/IP microwave systems for licenced and licence-free frequencies, SAF Tehnika boasts about several industry unique and new market-shaping products such as the Integra and Spectrum Compact. To complete the offer, SAF Tehnika maintains and provides an outstanding technical support service – an often underestimated feature and a stumbling stone for their competitors.

SAF Tehnika is a European designer, producer and distributor of digital microwave data transmission equipment. All products of SAF are entirely manufactured in Europe and distributed in more than 130 countries worldwide. The company is publicly traded and has been listed on NASDAQ Riga since 2004.

SAF Tehnika venturing into Industrial Internet of Things terrain with newest product line Aranet – environmental monitoring solutions for a diverse range of businesses.

SAF Tehnika has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing modern wireless data transmission technologies. Their knowledge in microwave technologies has given them unique skills and know how to develop next-generation Industrial IoT solution for environmental monitoring – Aranet.

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