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Timeless Technology
Value Adding Technical Distributor
ICT, industrial Ethernet and test & measurement products
Allegro Packets
Allegro Packets
Network Analysis Tools
Network Multimeter for network analysis and monitoring
Wireless Monitoring Sensors
Wireless Monitoring Sensors
Industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions
Industrial Networking and Computing
Networking and Computing
From embedded industrial computers to Ethernet switches
Comet System
COMET System
Sigfox IoT Sensor
Monitoring and alarming systems with Sigfox technology
Ethernet I/O Experts
Ethernet I/O Experts
High-end components for remote monitor and control
Eos Positioning Systems
Eos Positioning Systems
Arrow GNSS Receivers
Bluetooth® GNSS receivers for Android, iOS, and Windows
Monitor and Remote Control
HW group
Monitor and Remote Control
Remote monitoring and process control solutions
Network Test Solutions
Test equipment for wired and wireless networks
Keeping Networks Running
Secure, resilient access and automation to IT infrastructure
Reliable Networking Hardware
Perle Systems
Reliable Networking Hardware
Serial, I/O, Ethernet and fiber connectivity solutions
Network Visibility Solutions
Solutions for complete access and visibility into network
Supply Chain Monitoring
Supply Chain Monitoring
Monitoring and tracking delivery conditions
TITAN Electronics
Connectivity Solutions
USB, Serial, and CAN Bus networking products

Timeless Technology

Timeless Technology is a value adding technical distributor providing high-end market-leading ICT, industrial Ethernet and test & measurement products and solutions to corporate customers in the Nordics.

Our company is focusing on carefully selected niches with a high technology and knowledge content, and adds value by being a skilled and professional partner through its cooperation with customers and manufacturers.

Suppliers in spotlight

Keeping Networks Running
  • Smart Out-of-Band management solutions
  • Network resilience solutions
  • SD-WAN resilience solutions
  • NetOps automation solutions
  • Console servers and resilience gateways
Reliable Networking Hardware
  • Industrial Ethernet switches
  • LTE routers and gateways
  • Ethernet extenders and media converters
  • Secure console servers
  • Terminal and Device servers
Network Visibility Solutions
  • Network TAPs
  • Network Packet Brokers (NPB)
  • ProfiShark for Ethernet field troubleshooting
  • ProfiSight network traffic analyzer
  • IOTA All-in-One network analysis solution
Wireless Monitoring Sensors
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Wireless RF-ISM sensors
  • Line of sight range up to 3km
  • Battery life up to 10 years
  • 100 sensors per base station
GNSS Receivers for Any Device
  • BT GNSS Receivers for Android, iOS and Windows
  • Arrow 100 Submeter GNSS Receiver
  • Arrow 200 RTK GNSS Receiver
  • Arrow Gold SafeRTK GNSS Receiver
  • Eos Tools Pro and Eos GNSS Tools
Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Tempmate-GS multi sensory GSM data logger
  • Tempmate-S1 single-use temperature data logger
  • Tempmate-M1 multi-use temperature data logger
  • Tempmate-i1 single-use temperature indicator
  • Smart cargo monitoring

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