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Timeless Technology

Timeless Technology is a value adding technical distributor providing high-end market-leading ICT, industrial Ethernet and measurement products and solutions to corporate customers in the Nordics.

Our company is focusing on carefully selected niches with a high technology and knowledge content, and adds value by being a skilled and professional partner through its cooperation with customers and manufacturers.

Main Supplier Partners

  • Smart Out-of-Band management solutions
  • Network resilience solutions
  • SD-WAN resilience solutions
  • NetOps automation solutions
  • Console servers and resilience gateways
  • Industrial Ethernet switches
  • Ethernet extenders
  • Media converters
  • Secure Console servers
  • Terminal and Device servers
  • Network TAPs
  • Network Packet Brokers (NPB)
  • ProfiShark for Ethernet field troubleshooting
  • ProfiSight network traffic analyzer
  • IOTA All-in-One network analysis solution
  • Web relays
  • Web-enabled I/O controllers
  • Modbus controllers
  • Temperature and humidity modules
  • Data acquisition modules
  • Environment monitoring
  • Process control & monitoring
  • Water leaks monitoring
  • Energy metering
  • Relay controllers
  • Tempmate-GS multi sensory GSM data logger
  • Tempmate-S1 single-use temperature data logger
  • Tempmate-M1 multi-use temperature data logger
  • Tempmate-i1 single-use temperature indicator
  • Smart cargo monitoring

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