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value adding technical distributor
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Timeless Technology
Value Adding Technical Distributor
ICT, industrial Ethernet and test & measurement products
Wireless Monitoring Sensors
Wireless Monitoring Sensors
Industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions
Ethernet I/O Experts
Ethernet I/O Experts
High-end components for remote monitor and control
Eos Positioning Systems
Eos Positioning Systems
Arrow GNSS Receivers
Bluetooth® GNSS receivers for Android, iOS, and Windows
Monitor and Remote Control
HW group
Monitor and Remote Control
Remote monitoring and process control solutions
Keeping Networks Running
Secure, resilient access and automation to IT infrastructure
Reliable Networking Hardware
Perle Systems
Reliable Networking Hardware
Serial, I/O, Ethernet and fiber connectivity solutions
Network Visibility Solutions
Solutions for complete access and visibility into network
Supply Chain Monitoring
Supply Chain Monitoring
Monitoring and tracking delivery conditions
TITAN Electronics
Connectivity Solutions
USB, Serial, and CAN Bus networking products

Timeless Technology

Timeless Technology is a value adding technical distributor providing high-end market-leading ICT, industrial Ethernet and test & measurement products and solutions to corporate customers in the Nordics.

Our company is focusing on carefully selected niches with a high technology and knowledge content, and adds value by being a skilled and professional partner through its cooperation with customers and manufacturers.

ICT and Industrial Ethernet

  • Perle Systems - Device Networking Hardware
  • Profitap - Network Visibility Solutions
  • Opengear - Keeping Networks Running
  • ControlByWeb - Ethernet I/O Experts

Perle Systems is the designer and manufacturer of an extensive range of solutions ideal for organizations that need to establish network connectivity across multiple locations, securely transmit critical and sensitive information, or remotely monitor and control network devices and appliances.

With an agile approach of responding to customer needs, Perle has grown by focusing R&D investment on evolving networking hardware, features, and functionality to meet the changing needs of a diverse set of industries. Perle products have high MTBF rates, are made from trusted components that can withstand harsh environments, and seamless interoperate with your network architecture. This is all backed up with the best-in-class warranties.

Among Perle’s clients are many of the world’s most recognizable names, including Siemens, Fujitsu, GE, Alcatel, Lockheed Martin, Ticketmaster, Kennedy Space Center, Hewlett Packard, Marriott Hotels, Guangdong Development Bank, Heinz, Tesco and many global Telecom providers including Telefonica and France Telecom.

Perle Systems has sales and technical staff offices in 9 countries with products available for purchase from a globally established distributor, systems integrator, and reseller channel.

Recognizing the value of network visibility and superior quality testing devices, Profitap’s aim has always been to develop and manufacture hardware and software solutions that help you get complete access and visibility into your network, from 10 Mbit to 100 Gbit and on all OSI layers.

All of these network visibility solutions (from state-of-the-art network TAPs and portable capture devices to network traffic analyzers) are designed with security, forensics, deep packet capture and network & application performance monitoring sectors in mind.

They help eliminate network downtime, add security to existing and new networks all over the world, assist in lawful interception applications and reduce network complexity. Being highly performant, secure and user-friendly, Profitap’s solutions provide complete visibility and access to your network, 24/7.

The Opengear Network Resilience platform is based on the Lighthouse Enterprise centralized management software, with a full range of advanced console servers. All appliances are configured with Opengear’s unique Smart Out-of-Band technology, providing not only presence and proximity to your critical devices, but also advanced monitoring and management capabilities.

  • 4-96 serial console ports; optional USB console ports and Gigabit ethernet switches
  • Embedded 4G-LTE cellular modems
  • Failover to Cellular to keep critical processes running
  • Unified Power Management of 100+ vendors
  • Environmental sensors to monitor external conditions
  • Automated SMS alerts

ControlByWeb products are high-end components for remote monitoring and control applications. Companies and organizations use their products to monitor and control many different types of equipment and systems in real-time from any computer using a web browser. Their products can be used as stand-alone devices in simple applications, offering a complete solution requiring no additional equipment, or as building-blocks in large and more complex systems.

Each ControlByWeb product has a small combination of I/O (inputs & outputs) and a built-in web server. Sensors, switches, voltages, etc., can be connected to the inputs for monitoring various parameters, conditions, or events of interest such as temperatures, voltages, or alarms. In addition, ControlByWeb products support multiple protocols so they can communicate directly with computers, PLCs, and automation controllers in more advanced control systems.

Their products are carefully made in the USA at own facilities and each product is inspected many times at different levels of production and tested before it is shipped. Firmware is tested both manually and automatically for long time periods to verify its integrity before it is released.

Measure and Monitor

  • Tempmate - Supply Chain Monitoring Devices
  • Aranet - Wireless Monitoring Sensors
  • HW group - Monitor and Remote Control
  • Eos - GNSS Receivers for Any Device

​Tempmate.® is a registered trademark of imec Messtechnik GmbH that was founded in 1983. imec offers a wide variety of cold chain management solutions and environmental monitoring instruments. Their products have applications in the food, life sciences, chemical industry or any other industry that manages temperature and humidity sensitive commodities.

The company released in 2018 their first in-house cloud platform in order to empower clients and their work even more. And in a future imec is always focused to deliver the best products and services to clients all around the world.

The company also started their own manufacturing process for Tempmate-S1 (Single-Use temperature PDF data logger) and Tempmate-GS (Multi sensory GSM data logger) products during year 2019 in Germany. And their aim in a future is to have all their products 100% designed, engineered and made in Germany.

Aranet offers industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for a variety of businesses, making it easy to collect and analyze real-time data. Discover all the ways Aranet can help your company take wireless monitoring to the next level!

Industrial grade environment monitoring solution. Up to 100 wireless sensors can be added per single base station within the line of sight range of at least 3km/1.9 mi. Aranet PRO comes with complimentary software for data analysis. Easy to use interface allows viewing, analysing and comparing data in real time, set thresholds for alarms as well as exporting reports. Responsive design of the software adapts to smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Aranet Cloud is an industrial-grade solution for Aranet IoT ecosystems’ remote management. Personalize your data with custom dashboards, graphs and user management.

Aranet is a brand of SAF Tehnika JSC, listed in NASDAQ Riga under the symbol SAF1R, a company with 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing modern wireless data transmission technologies.

HW group s. r. o. is a Czech dynamic technological company specialized in development, manufacturing and distribution of IoT, remote monitoring and control solutions for ICT, industrial, and security segments. All their units are manufactured in the European Union.

Typical applications are environmental monitoring, HVAC control & monitoring, water leaks monitoring, energy metering, building management, access control, and infrastructure monitoring.

SensDesk: Monitoring and control portal for your IoT projects is a web-based service for online remote monitoring and control of HW group sensors and devices. User can monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, digital inputs, voltage, current, energy consumption and many more. User can also remotely control their technology devices using outputs.

SensDesk is free application for users who can monitor any number of sensors, connected to up to three HW group devices. If user needs to connect more devices, paid accounts are available. Users can also buy their own dedicated SensDesk and run it as a virtual image on their own server.

Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.® (Eos) is the pioneer of the leading high-accuracy GNSS receivers for the bring your own device (BYOD) market, the Arrow Series ™. The Arrow provides submeter to centimeter accuracy on any consumer smartphone or tablet (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows), via Bluetooth®. Thanks to advances in global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) technology and proprietary innovations, Eos is able to offer survey-grade location to the GIS and mapping communities, compatible with any hardware and software.

Eos makes high-accuracy location easy, affordable and profitable. Select the iOS, Android or Windows device of your choice, run the field data collection app that fits your needs, and start using external Bluetooth GPS / GNSS instantly. Your Arrow Series™ receiver lets you collect, update and share submeter, subfoot and centimeter locations in real time.

In Finland user can also benefit from free DGNSS correction data for code-based positioning offered by The National Land Survey (Maanmittauslaitos) positioning service. Only what user needs is an internet connection to have < 30 cm DGNSS Horizontal Accuracy with Arrow 100 GNSS Receiver.

In Spotlight: HW group WLD2

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