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NetCom+ Serial Device Servers

The new NetCom+ Servers are the modern family of VScom Serial Device Server series. Using the proven protocol and driver of the long-known NetCom models, customers installations directly support the NetCom+.

Additionally to the classic operation as Serial Device Server the NetCom+ provide an option for secure Remote Access via Internet. This option uses the system of viaVPN for simple installation and easy usage. Instead of a multi-step configuration of OpenVPN and on PCs using that, viaVPN provides for a short-step Client Utility and Cloud Servers to allow Firewall-friendly operation with minimum configuration. By that the remote access provides for monitoring of the operation, possible re-configuration and also the use of standard functionalities.

The NetCom+ use a state-of-the-art RISC processor, are very flexible in configuration and easy to use. The modern hardware results in low-power and cost-effective designs with a wide range of power supply and communication options.

The serial ports operate as RS232 or RS232/422/485, controlled via Gigabit Ethernet. The mode is easily configured as common by a DIP switch, or individually by software configuration. The USB-COM Plus modules can extend the number of ports.

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