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ARM teollisuustietokoneet

ARM Embedded Computers

This is a new generation of embedded systems, based on a modern ARM Cortex-A8 processor. All devices run full DEBIAN GNU/Linux on ARM as operating system. They provide versatile connection and communication options. With optional WLAN and several Ethernet ports the systems are good to connect to various machines, sensors and networks. At the same time the systems run users applications, to filter input data, control effectors and the like.
An internal slot for a miniPCIe card allows use of 3G/UMTS or 4G/LTE mobile communication networks (also supporting 2G/GPRS as fallback). So these systems are suitable for tasks like Remote Monitoring and Control via Internet, even in very far-out locations.

The Baltos systems not only provide DEBIAN as operating system. Also available is full OpenWrt, plus a ready and really easy to use router firmware specialized on VPN connections.
Customers can install into and operate their application software from the internal NAND Flash memory. The distributions buildroot and Yocto are supported to create an efficient firmware with a small footprint. All software is available via github.

To facilitate Remote access over Internet a special software add-on for DEBIAN GNU/Linux and buildroot on Baltos systems allows to use the viaVPN system. The viaVPN demon integrates into the Debian Linux, thus integrating this Baltos into the secure communication. viaVPN especially can help with certain access-limited mobile communication networks (Carrier-Grade NAT).

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