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Sensorist – RF-ISM dataloggerit

Etusivu Tuotteet Sensorist – RF-ISM dataloggerit

Tanskalainen Sensorist kehittää ja valmistaa pilvipalvelu-pohjaisia langattomia dataloggereita lämpötilan, kosteuden ja CO2-pitoisuuden mittaamiseen.

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Sensorist® builds and sells online connected sensor systems. Our wireless sensors measure temperature, humidity and more in a wide range of environments and help you to maintain their optimal level. You can explore the measurements online using our ready-made website or app, or build custom integrations using our API.
Our hardware and software is customly designed to be accurate and user-friendly. We are always busy at work, further developing our range of sensor types and improving the usefulness of our software.
Make data driven decisions. Do you have a need for monitoring solutions in your business? We offer our Sensorist® PRO solution for easy use in any application.
Using dataloggers today? Try replacing it with our real-time data - without the need for manual imports. The latest and the historical measurements are always available online.
Our hardware is very competitively priced, and the implementation and optional customizations are fast, so the time to market can be very short. We have customers selling hundreds of sensors every month, all integrated into their own solutions.