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Profitap – Verkon monitorointi

Etusivu Tuotteet Profitap – Verkon monitorointi

Hollantilaisen Profitap tuotevalikoimaan kuuluvat verkko-TAP (Test Access Point) laitteet, kuten kupari-TAP ja kuitu-TAP laitteet. Lisäksi huolto- ja asennuskäyttöön suunniteltu ProfiShark (10/100/1000/10G) verkkoanalysaattori USB 3.0 liitynnällä. Lataa yleisesite: Profitap Portfolio Brochure
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PROFITAP® develops and manufactures high-quality and user-friendly network monitoring tools. Our wide range of high-density data center TAPs and field service troubleshooters are designed to provide you with complete, comprehensive visibility and access to your network 24-7-365. PROFITAP® is proud to provide the ideal solution for traffic capture and network troubleshooting.
PROFITAP® proudly synthesizes maximum performance and security into all our products. Our dedication toward developing a perfect blend of form and function has resulted in some of the most lightweight and advanced products on the market.
PROFITAP® has been providing hardware solutions for network analysis and traffic acquisition to organizations and professionals globally for 30 years. With products such as the Interop award-winning ProfiShark® 1G, we’ve fused high performance with portability to create exclusive, industry leading monitoring solutions. PROFITAP® products use hardware embedded (FPGA) technologies, resulting in very low latency. Thanks to PROFITAP®’s non-intrusive and fail-safe design, our TAPs ensure the utmost security for both your network and monitoring appliances.