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Serial to Fiber Converters

PSI-MOS Serial to Fiber Converters transparently connect RS232, RS422 and RS485 devices to fiber optic cable. By transmitting data over optical fiber, these serial media converters provide an economical path to extend the reach of serial devices

  • Extend serial data up to 28 miles with extremely high data rate
  • High-quality electrical isolation between the devices make transmissions immune to EMI, RFI and transient surges
  • Point-to-point, star, linear, tree and redundant network environments supported
  • Integrated optical diagnostics via bar graph display
  • Floating switch contact for early warning alarm issued in the event of a drop in transmission quality
  • Approved for zone 2 for use in potentially explosive areas
RS422/485 4-wire over Fiber
RS485 2-wire over Fiber

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