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Media Converters

Perle has over 876 models of Managed and Unmanaged Media Converters to extend copper to fiber, multimode to multimode and multimode to single mode fiber.

  • Extend network distances up to 160km
  • Conduct 10/100/1000/2500/10000 Ethernet Rate Conversion
  • SC, LC and ST fiber connector options
  • SX, FX, LX, EX, ZX, BX fiber support
  • Multimode and single mode fiber
  • 10BaseT, Fast Ethernet Gigabit and 10G to fiber
  • Advanced Features : Link Pass-Through, Far-End Fault, Auto-MDIX, Fiber Fault Alert, Loopback
    Manage via SNMP, CLI- Telnet/SSH, Internet Browser
  • PoE Media Converters provide PoE PSE power injection over UTP Ethernet
  • SFP Media Converters with pluggable fiber optic ports for use with MSA compliant SFPs
  • Managed Media Converters with extensive security and network integration features
  • Industrial Temperature Media Converters for equipment in -40C to +75C operating temperatures
  • SFP to SFP Protocol Transparent Fiber Mode Converters for ATM/SONET, SDH, Fibre Channel, Video and other connections
Copper to Fiber Media Converters
Fiber to Fiber Media Converters
SFP Optical Transceivers

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