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HWg – Mittaus ja monitorointi

Etusivu Tuotteet HWg – Mittaus ja monitorointi

HW group on tsekkiläinen valmistaja, joka kehittää ja valmistaa ratkaisuja etämonitorointiin, etähallintaan sekä etäohjaukseen. LAN, WLAN ja 2G versiot. Ilmainen SensDesk-portaali ja älypuhelin appsit. Lataa yleisesite (PDF): HW group tuotekatalogi
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HW group s.r. o. is a Czech manufacturer of monitoring and remote control solutions. We deliver top quality products that are part of a robust ecosystem, from the sensor to the monitoring software.
What do we make?
Remote monitoring and control solutions; IP serial products; Access control systems.
What makes us different?
We have a sophisticated and modular ecosystem of products; We make the entire chain - from the sensor to the monitoring SW; We follow industry standards and are compatible with most monitoring softwares; We share our SDK for free; We can adapt to our customer‘s needs.
Typical applications
Environment monitoring; HVAC control & monitoring; Water Leaks monitoring; Energy metering; Security & I/O integration; Building Management; Access Control; Infrastructure monitoring.